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I love this comic, the surreal humour, the great art style and the DAILY (!!!!!) updates.

Thank you for the entertainment.
i want to have your babies

also, i like the way you have successfully avoided drawing a face for any characters. :D
Very nice. Looking forward to more.

EDIT: dam its a preview. Shame anything decent on here is either gone or costs money..
Ive fallen in love with your art.

how sad is that....
This is my favourite comic as of late. Very nice art. Professional level. Cant wait for more.
wasnt earthbound a game?
Im irish and i find this offensive! irish people can actually hold their drink.....well longer than that anyway
November 9th, 2005
great comic! I love gore and crap like that so...WOOO!

Also, Well said Zukipuu, well god dam said.
Holt Shit! Why the hell do you make a Sprite comic? Draw one!
so hes finally gonna be in Ghost Rider after so many rumours and speculation...
That was awesome! i look forward to more of your work
Oh SWEET jesus this funny! So wrong but really funny! Great to see this piece of perverted art back!
i blame the artist...
I should really say "oh well its your choice and good luck!" but im gonna be selfish and say :
AHH FOR FUCK SAKE I CANT BELEIVE IT!! This comic is Smackjeeves. This is the only comic that made it past 2 months that was good. Every good comic is going from smackjeeves and manga and sprites are taking over. It happenes to all free webcomic hosting sites and now its finally happened to this one. oh well.
October 10th, 2005
oh...well dont confuse non-manga all knowing people like me with that then.