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zomgosh. Please update.
This comic has so many feels.
February 4th, 2013
Wait, what?
She wants him to claim the throne?
Her breasts are huge. Nicely done.
January 20th, 2013
...but how did he get younger?
So, i'm wondering if he was trying to keep her dead for longer to protect his little love from being caught in the fray again or if that was his revenge splurge.
Men are silly. It was Cheres' knife.
December 31st, 2012
December 27th, 2012
Incentive is so adorable, i awww'd for at least 12 seconds.
December 26th, 2012
Best teacher ever.
December 4th, 2012
Oh dear, you just went and said the wrong words didn't ya. He won't be making that mistake twice.
Dez, unleash the tiger. You don't have cat eye for nothing. Kick that handsome bastards behind pronto.
November 26th, 2012
Is it because it's in the heart, and he hurt him?
November 26th, 2012
Is that a softened heart i spy?
November 8th, 2012
Ridiculously cute and domestic. Have i mentioned recently that i love you?
Wow, i come back from holiday to 20 pages or so of awesome art and two coloured is good.
October 29th, 2012
Awww, did he go to get him some food because he was sick? That's so cute.
October 15th, 2012
Yay random character #1 gets development. And can i congrtulate you on panels 2 and 3, Raz looks amazing in them both.
Zadel, so whipped my dear, you are so whipped.
Surely an angel should feel bad about such blatant manipulation.
October 7th, 2012
Ah yes, silly question about the healing. I thought when he 'killed' the other soul Sid got very angry, is going back to the mortal cycle that bad? Surely it givees them a chance to not be marked under chiranobles a second time around...?
New silly question : Why did he run away with the food? Forgot to drop it? Poor thing. Texty stop being mean and leave him alone for a while.
September 30th, 2012
Ooo what happens to sould if he kills them?
Is she dead?
Doesn't he have healing magic or something of the like?