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Void. 25. Scorpio. A wannabe artist who finally gathered enough courage to start a comic.
@Io: let's be real at the moment this was kind of the best I could do in terms of background and I was kind of lazy about it lol.
@Io: hey, thanks for the comment!

I think Bestia would accept a hug tbh. Like if you clearly indicated it's going to be a hug and not an attack move lol.
I’ve made it to chapter 3!

From here the comic will follow Kotfe fairly close for a bit.

Bird count is still 4 because those are the same birds we left chapter 1 with.
END OF CHAPTER 2!!! I repeat, we've made it to chapter 3!
Dread Master Bestia and the horrible terrible disastrous no-good day
please appreciate the hand-drawn (w guides) zoom effect lol
Ziost but I actually did a background this time that wasn't just a single blurred-out tree.
drown in regret
@RensKnight: honestly it's just a small part of a nightmare sequence and not much happens. It's just a memory of a tine she lost control and fucked up and even though she had worked on controlling her berserk mode it still weighs on her, evidently. I kind of want to incorporate the berserk anger in some way down the line but I'm not sure how.
There are things Bestia regrets and doesn't want to remember.
@RensKnight: Kirby Krackle is the dot effect I did around the explosion. It is named after Jack Kirby as he used that effect (and maybe even came up with it? With how much he came up with in American comics I wouldn't be surprised)
okay it's probably kind of redundant at this point but she's going to see a small snippet of what's happening on Oricon while she's gone.
more nightmares???? more visions????
She blacks out.
Momentary visions of the moments sort of before
@RensKnight: I have changed her design since the last time she showed up in one page, and she now just has black eyes like that. I might go back and make her eyes black in that one page in the prologue.
She's not having the best of times...
Quite proud of how this page turned out.
I spent a lot of time drawing all the Kirby krackles and I think it paid off in the end, and also I think my backgrounds and spaceships are better now.
@RensKnight: tbh there's not much to it, he just persisted despite the suffering, and is now a really broken person picking up the shards.
Oricon's lost.