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Void. 25. Scorpio. A wannabe artist who finally gathered enough courage to start a comic.
@RensKnight: Thank you! Styrak is having a bad time because he is terrified of fire after what happened to him on Darvannis.
yes i did get inspired by that image! I was super hyped about black holes as a kid so this was really cool!
A little one page comic inspired by the Sand Guardian vine, and also a re-draw of a thing I drew in 2015.
Haha yeah, she has a lot of processing to do, but at the moment i think she's ready to throw down with it together with Sharack.

I'm going to address it at whatever point I get to Vaylin's healing \ redemption \ whatever arc because she and Valkorion are probably going to have a really awkward conversation.

Fun unrelated fact: I used to have them dating a few years back in a different version of my verse.
@RensKnight: The risk he took was calculated, but damn, is he bad at math.

He was in a weakened state (I think it's actually confirmed in canon that he gets messed up if his host body is killed which is why he kind of slept after the events of the Jedi Knight story where his host body was killed, because those happened after another of his host bodies was killed by the warrior to free him), and Sharack is a terrifying person.
@RensKnight: Yes, they're the one wearing the skull mask!
@RensKnight: Yeah I'm trying to make him work with my verse where he just saw something leave his father's body and kick everyone's butts just by leaving, and the actual person who stabbed him just blasted off through the roof.

I think in canon he just blindly conflated the Outlander with Valkorion and Valkorion with Vitiate because it's the only treatment he has even known and he kind of just mushed all three together and even refers to the outlander as "father" addressing Vitiate in them.
@RensKnight: She didn't have enough strength to break out as Vitiate has drained her and everyone in the room except maybe Vaylin and Sharack, but she sure had enough strength for one last F you lol
bad dream bad dream bad dream
Bestia is having a dream and a half.

Suggested listening: Eternity Served Cold (from Homestuck) (Slowed down)
This one is probably going to be much shorted than both the prologue and Chapter 1, if my outline is to be believed.
Bestia gets the last laugh :)

Bird count: 4.

I debated having Arcann's very serious speech overlapping Bestia's less serious actions, but in the end decided to do it because why not, and because it's a fun contrast. And also for some future laughs.
Arcann is left to explain shit to the rest of Zakuul here.
They defeated the one who betrayed them, but do they feel better after it?..
Shyren is torn between "I AM FATE" and "FCK FATE!"
They used to be friends in the past...
Transition \ Flashback \ vision of the past
Comic description!
A mini-comic that sort of happened over two or three days, set in Bestia’s Wrath universe and featuring Shyren, a Scion of Zakuul, and their friend Jessa, a Knight. It is a story of two monsters, betrayal, and revenge.

It started from two panels set to Awolnation's "Run" but then it grew into a whole comic.