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Void. 25. Scorpio. A wannabe artist who finally gathered enough courage to start a comic.
@Bliss: Thank you! I'm quite fond of their comics and animated series actually!
Tragic prophet gets harassed by local Prince Charming, turns out right later on, more at 11.
This one was such a pain due to sheer number of people in it. Also Arcann likes to harass tragic prophets.
Not quite happy with this MS-paint-like lineart style, maybe it's more suited for manga style. Will revert back to my old lineart with the following pages.
I'm like a mix of Cupid and Dasher lmao
spaceships = pain
Spaceships are a pain to draw part 3 of ?????????

but oh my god do I try.

I'm also trying things with my lines and shading.
I kinda moved some (if not all) of Marr's dialogue over to Bestia because she's technically older than Marr is and is able to parse the situation as well as he does, as opposed to the player character who, despite being a Galactic hero, tends to act pretty clueless at times.
December 5th, 2018
Love it
I love the color scheme and the creepy vibes of this comic!
Seeing things?
Bestia is the kind of person who goes from mourning to murder and vengeance in 0.5 seconds.
First actual page!

Also, RIP Ziost.
Ye mandatory Star Wars crawl!