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actually I think he did steal something, in some previous comics he was standing over the pokeballs and then the next one where the owner showed up, he hid one of his hands behind his back.

so I really do think he stole a eevee or something.
awesome pose on charmeleon, this comic is awesome. ^^
I see a pikachu...

and that dude had pikachu patterns on him. lol
Does anyone else notice the 5 weedle & caterpie that are actually in the comic? Their on panel'll have to look closely :3
I kinda noticed something in the past few comments of the past few pages...

everyone was screaming "CATCH ONE CATCH CATCH"
does anyone even remember the only pokeball he had was the one he stole from prof oak? he doesn't HAVE anymore pokeballs.
for all we know anyway...

Also Beedrill <3 so adorable...
This brings me back to the pokemon know the actual pokemon series that was badass and actually made pokemon seem dangerous? I mean does anyone remember when red almost got eatten by a victribell? lol it be funny to see atty in some sort of situation like that o3o more dangerous then a few caterpie anyway...maybe next he'll be attacked by an onix lol
I'd laugh the next comic is just of him being covered in caterpies...

also dawwww caterpies just want to be friends with atty o3o noting wrong with that! ^^
...somehow I get the feeling he doesn't even know she's a girl...

if this is soo it could lead for...quite some interesting fanservice...hahaha just kidding...
still be funny to see him freaking out a bit... is it I can predict what will happen with "lust" she'll make all the male hero's fall in love with her and their gonna try to kill each other for her and the girl hero has to do something about it~

or option two
lust is a male and makes em all gay for him...ok that wont ever

option 3
lust is a trickster and makes all the male hero's fall inlove with the female hero and they try to get at her...

I dunno those are my guess's anyway.
huh...I wonder...if the lady trained butterfrees...does that mean the dude has beedrills? or something stronger....honeslty I'd think it be ironic if he has a charmeleon or a charizard...
Eh...I guess...I just like ironic humor then humor I guess...meh still "Heligate elementary school: Promoteing sexuality since 1997"
ok...I have to admit I wouldn't mind having heli as a teacher...but I'm suprised you didn't make a joke about "sex ed" ...=P Ironicly I think it would be the only class where you don't get fucked...XD but most likely heli would still rape them all. o.o