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Just a normal healthy sane human being. These comics are stories I told to my younger siblings. But since there older they don't give a shit, so I show them to you.
3d glasses not included
Next time...
....I will feature a effort to be inclusive.
just remember kids...
eat your vegetables...before they eat you!
foto bombing
Actually, Mace knight, it can help itself/themselves.
Meet plantimal
@TeamBuneary: No. My brain just farted this out after I saw a cutaway of a penis and thot it looked kinda like a face.
@TeamBuneary: The episode IS called "plantimal", right?

And your right. The word your looking for is 'engorgement"
@TeamBuneary: baby spiders tend to be clumped together when the nest breaks so when they fall on the zapper they all get incinrated at once

But since there often in corners, its ctually more practical just to spray them with window cleaner

PS Also fun: termites, sometimes butterflies and small frogs.
@TeamBuneary: No, its the muscles in his vocal cords shrinking from lack of mojo production.
@TeamBuneary: Damn how did you know?!
Innit so?
@TeamBuneary: You mean bri'ish accents, mate?

I suppos trident doesnt use much of their jargon, maybe cuz he's the most educated of them? (aside from Meta knight, but he's just ancient)
raw onions
@TeamBuneary: Me too. Also, raw eggs. Cooking is girly waste of time
those bug zppers are so fun on spider nests. You poke the nest and let all the little babies pore out and watch em go pow pow all at once.
in case u dont know
chipmunk is helium voice
speaking of which
@TeamBuneary: how old do you think I am?
wait a moment
@TeamBuneary: is trident suppose to talk different?
what do I have to do?!
Hey, all the fucking gay yaoi on smack jeeves does so well! Hmm?! Maybe I'll have kirby and meta together and have 100 pages of them nailing each other?! Maybe then I'll get some fans!?
999 fucking pages and 8 months
*enraged* AHHHHHHH!

And I still only got 2 motherfucking fans: 1 unknown and 1 talentless bunny.
if your wondering
hes gonna show bone-boy how to pee like a MAN!
This what happens when you dont tuck it in before you zip up.