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Just a normal healthy sane human being. These comics are stories I told to my younger siblings. But since there older they don't give a shit, so I show them to you.
lets hope that squidybear didn't have hepatitis, or rabies... or aids.
not surre if meta knights cowering, crying or just tired of getting blood in his eyes.
if your wondering where meta knight was the whole time...he was just busy prying the sword out of his eye socket, whilst being dragged along on his back thru the twigs and rocks.
and this is why you should where the safety strap, meta knight
this is why u dont let a 5 year old drive, meta knight.
If u look closely you'll see a flying spaghetti monster
missing mirrors
Yea, i know. The car dont have side mirrors. But theres a reason. What do you think: A) because they didnt get around to installing them, or B) because they literally dont give a shit what's behind them.
Red Stuff
If any of yall feel sick, dont worry. That red stuff aint blood, its just 'waddle juice'(OdwaddleTM "A great source of vitamin dee!")
Disclaimer: Not in anyway related to ManBearPig. This is an entirely original creation my brain farted out
Wah. So much drama.
Just a kiss? I woulda just claimed his spicy mexican culo right then and there
Wonder what Potatoast is? Well here you go.
This was one of the first kirby stories I told. Back then, we thought of dreamland in a sort of medival setting.
At last, I find a home on the web for my crudely drawn knock-off..erm I mean parody.
Blade Knight's accent
Another funny story. If you wonder what accent I typed out it suppose to be a cockney accent (with bad english thrown in). When I did story-time with my siblings I immediately chose to give him that accent for reasons I didn't remember at the time. I though it was maybe because I was inspired about a knight character from a movie who had that accent( Monty python?). But later, I watched 'Kirby Right back at you' again and noticed he had an Australian accent! I realize I mustve been subconsciously inspired when I first saw the show. I just misremebered when accent I heard.
Kirby's feet
Funny story. After coloring, composing, and editing all the pages, I didn't notice until the end that I completely forgot Kirby's feet (or shoes?) are red! I had to go back and fix all the images where he was just completely pink.
That not his water power, that just the spit he's been holding in.