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Just a normal healthy sane human being. These comics are stories I told to my younger siblings. But since there older they don't give a shit, so I show them to you.
@TeamBuneary: when it comes to the dees, choose your words very carefully
Shoulda said 'dee-monic spawn'
Why u ask, u want to see more of them? You like them? #bugchaser #zombiephilia

Well, lets just say they dont follow the 'stay home and get rest when sick' rule
By the way
Look up what a blemmyes is. Theres 2 definitns, but one is funnier than the other.
He was suppose to say PALE not flushed. I made kirby white at the last moment cuz I didnt want meta to seem that stupid. But i forgot to change his words to match.

Not that yall get half what he says
Meta knight scorneth thee!
@TeamBuneary: *Appalled* Blaspheming Bunny! 'Tis the inferno that awaiteth thee!
@TeamBuneary: being a little less lazy helped
Are you hurt?
He's internaly bleeding, and got 3 hernias, and a detatched retina, but otherwise, yeah, hes fine. #walkitoff
@TeamBuneary: when one of those zombies gets knocked up by a promiscuous squash, this is what happens, kids. #Familyplanning
Lord no!
@TeamBuneary: I, meta knight, would not to serve a true-dee as lord. Insufferable!
@TeamBuneary: Maybe he could with 'reasonable acomadations'. (Aka: his motorized wheelchair).
3d glasses not included
Next time...
....I will feature a effort to be inclusive.
just remember kids...
eat your vegetables...before they eat you!
foto bombing
Actually, Mace knight, it can help itself/themselves.
Meet plantimal
@TeamBuneary: No. My brain just farted this out after I saw a cutaway of a penis and thot it looked kinda like a face.
@TeamBuneary: The episode IS called "plantimal", right?

And your right. The word your looking for is 'engorgement"
@TeamBuneary: baby spiders tend to be clumped together when the nest breaks so when they fall on the zapper they all get incinrated at once

But since there often in corners, its ctually more practical just to spray them with window cleaner

PS Also fun: termites, sometimes butterflies and small frogs.