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I'm a Otaku...who can't draw... ;A;

Yet, I'm a writer, who are working in collab on a comic:

DREAM Manga Office (with Selenaloong)
Status: New pages being uploaded randomly.

Hope you guys take a look-see. ^^;

If you would like to be advised of any new updates, follow me on Twitter : @CatzBlack

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Ooh man Selena! I LOVE this page!! You did great on it!
I haven't been near SJ for months....and to find all these beautiful pages... *nosebleed* you're epic, Kai!! I now WILL buy one once printed. XD
Wow! Awesomely done! I like how you did this!
@selenaloong: the cover is so cute! *pokes cheeks*
LOL~ that Dad totally reminded me of my own Dad during my goth high school years~ he actually said the same thing once.. ^^; Were you around then? *looks at you suspectiously*
*giggles* this amused me for some reason... *shot*

Nice looking guys you have here~ >_>b
February 18th, 2012
Interesting....*waits for the next page with some patience*

Oh nooooo... totally not what I was expecting.. *stares at Sol in awe*

Nice work, K.K.~
lol glad to see your sense of humor is still as sharp as ever~

I like how you're doing the speech bubbles with the text... very nice~
@Sol that's amazing... and I work with people who sell life insurance along with the usual bank stuff...and I happen to know one of the clauses is that you can't claim on the policy if the policy holder does die though suicide.
Wow Kai~ this page is unbelievable~

I know how tough she has it~ one of my cousins, her dad left her and her mom..and her mom had to take low-paying jobs just to keep them both~
so much pretty~ @o@

cheating? what are you talking about??? I can't see where you did.. *smashed flat*
Double Update!
If you clicked on the most recent page, do click back to the previous page, as this week's update is a double update! *v*

Awesome, Selena-chan! I love the pages~ you did a great job on them~~ *pokes Sol* Such a cute expression there... >w<
*looks at the smirk on his face*

I'm enjoying it~ XD

Yes, there is curry popcorn. XD I think you'd like it as you don't like overly sweet foods.
Aren't they always? ;D

Looking forward to the next installment~
I am enjoying reading this~ so very good~ *v*
I really like the 2nd panel... *admires it*

I agree, the slightly salty popcorn is good~ I also like the curry popcorn, as well the dill one... *v*
couldn't she have joined the souls somehow? XD
@BK_1/VGKid: response from Selena and me~ "manic laughter*