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I'm Angel! 21 years old! Important bit of information: all my comic pages are edited with my cat sitting on my chair with me because she's a needy baby.
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    Angel Andrews
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Thank you so much!!! >w< ♡
im going to cry theyre so cute
@Charlie the demon: :D!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! JAKE IS GREAT and I love you
@Peridot: Thank you so much!!!! 💕
Apologies for the delay!
I should really just change my update day to Monday ^^;;;; Sorry about all this! Things have been CRAZY and I ended up having a lot less time than anticipated, but, got a LOT done this week with all those Valentines Day cards, so hopefully that helps make up for the delay! Thanks for your patience!
And here's the final Valentine!!! :D Happy Valentines day!!!
Double update today because I miscalculated days!!! Here's Osiris, and up next is Jaime!
I just realized I'll have to upload two on Valentines day WHOOPS thats okay, Jaime and Osiris are coming up tomorrow!
Day 2 of Valentines day cards! <3
Valentines Day Cards!
In honor of Valentines day, I'm going to be making a V-day card for each of kiddos, one Card per day up until the big day! To start things off, here's Jake!
Sorry for the delay!
I really need to work on a buffer for my comic, but right now I barely have the time to slam out a page a week, woof. After March though my schedule gets a bit less crazy, so I can start working on that then. Thanks for your patience!
@Terra-Kat: She is. She's so tired
Thank you so much!! 💞
Thank you for your patience!
And we're back to our regular uploading schedule! Hope y'all had a great winter holiday season, and have a happy new years!
@permadead: He's so rude! Smh! (Thank you so much! ♡)
Thank you!! ^w^
Hey everyone! Just a heads up, but the next page is going to be going up on Sunday as opposed to Saturday due to my lack of a computer while I'm visiting family. Have a great holiday!