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I like drawing, playing some VideoGames, and Anime.
I'm currently finishing up my Senior 1 school year.
I'm looking for a job, and I'm going to eventually do commissions.
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    Matthew Hellmann
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it's been awhile because of school, need I say more?

Color version on ImageShack:

anyway, this comic accually has a moral...
Cars without backseats are completeley pointless!! ; P
I found a pic from google of a bumpercar, and I couldn't resist!

And that's Leyio on the left, he's been with us for awhile, so I finally put him in a comic.

Color version:
Easter bunny with baggy pants!!
did you know the easter bunny has baggy pants? :D

anyway, It's in greyscale to lower the filesize... the color one is in my sheezyart and deviantart accounts:
I wonder what far is to him, lol!
Based on a true story
Our school has a bunch of Dell computers, and they've been crashing on us recently. The people who gave us the computers claims they were a "bad batch", I call it a "bad choice".
March 21st, 2006
Awesome comic!!
Don't adjust your screens
Rune and I finnally made a collaborating comic... Rune made the lineart, while I colored it, and everything else...
Any complaints about the quality, Rune will count that as a poke, and keel you.
About the Conversation
Yeah, this conversation accually took place within 2 hours...

How sad is that?!?
1 do3s nawt sp33k txt 5p33|< 0n |\/|5|\|
rofflez! :3
It's been like 2 months
Rune is accually really good at FPS-es...
and I suck! :)
Not the best game
Rent it, unless you are a hardcore sonic gamer like me.

Fun untill you beat it...
SPRITES!! take 2
yeah, I tried sprites for this one, I can't draw robots at all...
I have this comic in my locker
I have this comic on the door of my locker, does anyone see the irony in that?
The title is basically a rip-off line from Bromwell High, if you've ever seen that show.
"Being a cop eez bad, bee aye eff, BAD!"
Hyper Chaotic
Damn Pepsi Ads
Does anyone remember those stupid Pepsi ads?
Yeah, I finished my sprite sheet when I made this one.
March 12th, 2006
Starting out
This one hurts my eyes, I was starting to get into the Manga styled comics, but it ended shortly after.
I'm not gonna make another comic adding on to this... to late to do so anyways... But I will redo this one, I'm not happy with how this came out.