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Cooking, Baking, Video games, Drawing, Coffee. I draw as a hobby, I'm self taught and I create comics out of a willingness to share my stories with others, I'm majoring in biology with a minor in ornithology (the study of avian species) I hope you'll enjoy my art and my stories. -Tessa (SoupThatIsCanned)
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    Tessa Blanco
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Guess who's back, back again
You'll notice some stylistic choices that I've made changes to in the next few updates, the reason for this is because stylizing the comic like this makes it easier to produce faster. I'm getting a new job soon ( in fact, this job is the start of hopefully what will be a lifetime career) so I haven't been able to post as regularly as I'd like, so I apologize for that. Hopefully now I'll be able to pump these out much faster.
Finally got around to making an ACTUAL cover, I'm really proud of it, used up my entire day off just to finish it
Whoopsie Tootsie
Sorry about the multiple posts, smackjeeves kept giving me an error message when I went to post and I believed it didn't upload, but it ended up uploading FIVE TIMES.
@Xabel Mind: Not exactly, they have a reason but I don't really want to give anything away :)
Never you mind ;)
@Xabel Mind: Oh we don't worry about those
Here we go, folks
My body is ready.