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Arcstrider Exo
An author in training... who plays Destiny... and likes Transformers... and also wants to be a concept artist when she grows up... Yup.
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@Rjcmanus (New hunter vanguard): and it's only been a week or so since my name was a lie. I may make a different account on here... pretty sure I'd have to delete my old one though
@Rjcmanus (New hunter vanguard): lol I would change my name but I can't without making a new account. My Exo was on my dad's xbox account but now I have my own with my other OCs.
@lazesummerstone: Also, your Drifter Hamster on the Bungie site is adorable XD
My name is a lie once again...
I have fallen in love with Shadowshot... plus I finally made my own Destiny account and I don't even have an exo character...
@Textualfish: I have it bookmarked too :P
It looks kinda like Jack Skellington..
@Textualfish: yea, that was the first one I came across :)
Oooh, more creepy things.

It's really cool. This style is awesome :P

May I ask what is in the window.......
@Dragonfire65: btw, there are some new pages on it that were added several hours ago.
Something lurks in the shadows, yes?
@Dragonfire65: I would like it to continue as well. I believe it might whenever lazesummerstone has inspiration/time to update it. I don't know for sure though

Still haven't done Zero Hour tho... ;-;
Well... you won't see me. ;-;

Someday... someday I will get there...
@Textualfish: same.

Gosh.... remember him calling his Ghost dad?

He doesn't do that anymore, does he?
@memestrider: hello fellow strider :P
@Rjcmanus (New hunter vanguard): jr642: *sitting by water* Oooh! I do! :D
@XenoSynthetic: :) I was just browsing Destiny fanart and comics on Google because I was bored and stumbled across it. I was like "Ooh, that's cool!" and then here I am :P