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Arcstrider Exo
An author in training... who plays Destiny... and likes Transformers... and also wants to be a concept artist when she grows up... Yup.
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Still haven't done Zero Hour tho... ;-;
Well... you won't see me. ;-;

Someday... someday I will get there...
@Textualfish: same.

Gosh.... remember him calling his Ghost dad?

He doesn't do that anymore, does he?
@memestrider: hello fellow strider :P
@Rjcmanus (New hunter vanguard): jr642: *sitting by water* Oooh! I do! :D
@XenoSynthetic: :) I was just browsing Destiny fanart and comics on Google because I was bored and stumbled across it. I was like "Ooh, that's cool!" and then here I am :P


@lazesummerstone: Yup... suppose it's keeping Watermelon alive...


He hasn't died ever since he was resurrected after all (right?)
Wait a sec... does Watermelon's Ghost have a name?
Oof.... at least he's on his way!
Ask your Ghost, Watermelon!
This... just made my day.
@Guest: I'm interested for sure. Gotta visit the moon, figure out just how off my own concept of the Darkness was...

I feel like I'm more excited for the New Light thing though, then maybe my friends can finally play with me.
The only thing I want from the Year 1 engram is the selfie emote ;-;