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don't really have many hobbies....or occupations... I like movies, comics, drawing(duh), writing stories, reading, playing video games =D, and I really really suck at spelling -_-..... uh yay!
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awww zoshi's so sweet :3
awww I get it, Kea's like a belle from beauty and the beast. She's more independent like. I love these characters :)
hello :) wow that was sudden! I wonder what mr. fencing guy thinks about all this. I love Kea by the way :D I've been reading this for years but I don't think I've ever commented. Devil's Cake is fantastic and I love your art style
oh my ><
arrgghh I think this story will haunt me with the cliff hanger 0_0 i swear comic authors love to see the audience squirm <3 ahh i love Mortifer i think its crazy that me and a ton of others have be reading it for years! Wow you practically have a paparazzi. Kole and Joey are still my favorite. Are you planning on continuing fringe happy (it was really intriguing)? But thanks for the complete(wow) adventure, PS: I would like to think that its Joey and that Kole didn't die <3 its official i love you Loverofpiggies (sniff i miss mathew too)
June 24th, 2011
wow Danish contest! congrats ^^hmm maybe we should get your autograph now before u become famous (paparazzi) XD
T-T am i the only one sad >< poor Kole
hugs Riona! hmm wait ?? um Cugen is a girl right?? or a boy?? I love this story so cute :D
April 18th, 2011
!? monster from amnesia the dark decent? am i right :3 ....and that weird cat chick from that old alien show... 0-0 is that snape
April 18th, 2011
wait isn't that Rena!!! From higarashi no naku koro ni??? the girl with the knife ^^ haha no way
April 4th, 2011
I love this comic ^^
way to go girl!!! self dense :3
January 15th, 2011
xD ahh!! what will happen next!
January 10th, 2011
aahhh cliff hanger XP dies on impact ._.
I really enjoy this comic <3 :D
yur art is so cute xD
love the style xP
*gasp* its the weird guy from the desert!
k just posted long comment (here)... didn't post -,-? so... in short
Fav author: Kathe Koja
good books u should read! ^^' and yeah tired and it got a bit warmer here.Nice comic....*sigh* all that typing for waste to have internet probs >.< not fair...*sniff* yeah ^^'.
xD nice! i love the way his hair fades! is that barb wire! kinda reminds me of thorns!... its funny that the word horn is in the word thorn ^^ it actually makes sense! yay new chapter!
^^ i like the expressions he does with his eyes! poor dawn ><. haha all the girl fans are like "xD its Lucif hes so hot" hahahaa the fangirl of this comic are so funny!
cool! ^^
^^ i watched the show ^^ i thought Venus Vs Virus was better. VVV's beginning wasn't so good but the ending was very ... well 0,0 (yes that face, i love the last lines in the show xD and yes thank god for netflix!)