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Eyyyy i see that Galarian mon down there
Pretty thats a lucario ey?
Is that a jojo refference?
My god shes so adorable
Nah fam,Nah
Nice to know shes getting used to her
I dont know why but i just love his face in the down-left pannel
Gee...Poor dude not like he really did anything bad ._.
Black background all of a sudden?Boy he ded
Ooooh hes either 1.Dead or defeated 2.VERY pissed
Dat ass lol im kidding
Ooooooof she ded
The scyther is sure still alive...ooooh boy
We all know she cant do shit with so many people around
This is so weird to see him looking like an old man while NOW being a healthy young boy...its just so weird
Ooooh that sure didnt defeat him yet...and hes gonna STRIKE HER
@Marzipan: where? I dont see her