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Hello! I am a California ex-pat now living in the Land of Snow and Health Care. My life consists of cartoons, video games, debt, and a lot of caffeine and alcohol, primarily because I never quite got the whole “adulting” thing down.

I'm slowly teaching myself digital art, javascript, and animation through my Undertale fancomic, The Anomaly. I have a long way to go, but I'm proud of how far I've come.

If my weird cartoon style is to your liking, I do take commissions (though they're currently closed), and I'm always happy to do a collab!

Thanks for stopping by!
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That's part of her suit. The individual strands he caught are black, though. :)
Spoilers in Comments
Hey, guests! I just wanted to give a heads-up that I deleted a couple of comments that had spoilers in them. This isn't because I disagree with you or anything, it's just that a lot of my readers have been avoiding BZ in order to avoid spoilers, so I'd like to keep the comic free of BZ spoilers as well, at least until the game is released.

That said, I'm aware of recent information and am already in the process of correcting things. I anticipated this happening. :P

Even so, I'm so glad you guys liked the placeholder version in the interim. <3
Based on the voice logs, it sounds like Paul never, ever let Bart out of the habitat. That'd certainly be true to his character, but I figured it'd be boring throughout the course of this comic if Marguerit was the only one who ever went diving. So I figured a bit of wiggle room was in order: Paul lets Bart explore, just not very far.

Of course, Bart's stretching that limit as far as he can. *Technically* he's still in the vicinity of the island. He's just...very far below it now. :P

Now if only he was able to connect the dots on this weird glittery peeper...
That's Alphys in a wig, haha.
Haha. I know he's not literally a janitor. It's just a bit of a running joke that was started by Obraxis.
That's interesting! Haven't heard that theory yet. That could make sense, given the universe's overlap with Natural Selection.
Hopefully you guys all remember when Alphys gave Frisk her magical girl transformer. If not, you can catch the video here:

Frisk is still cosplaying as the same character, Dr. Girlfriend, but this version is from when Dr. Girlfriend goes full supervillain. Foreshadowing? Nah.

Tune in next time to see how the crowd reacts! And in the meanwhile, stay awesome!
That's what I really love about him, too -- the implication that he survives precisely *because* he's talented in a range of mechanics. He doesn't have to be stronger than any one given creature, he just has to be more clever. It's kind of human evolution in a nutshell.

I'm sad we've seen the last of him. I really would have loved him to have more characterization.
Glad to hear it!
There are many negative aspects to Paul Torgal, but I think that he does genuinely love his son. It may not always manifest in the most positive ways, but that love is there.

I think the best hint of this is that Bart doesn't seem to actively resent his father. He gets frustrated with his dad plenty, sure, but he still defends and defers to him, even when Marguerit's at her most furious. As far as I can tell, the Torgal home life seemed pretty healthy, or at least as healthy as a 1%-er life can be.
The same way she did last time! XD
You do raise good points. For my part, I thought the Sea Emp was one of the Precursors, hah.

But we also have to consider the differences between Ryley and the Degasi survivors. Ryley is basically a janitor. He has no combat training, but he is handy with gadgets. He had to work alone and that's the difficulty of Subnautica.

With Degasi, you've got a team. Paul's strength is his strategic mind. Bart's strength is science. Marguerit is a former marine, and she's canonically killed multiple predators, including leviathans, with nothing but a knife. If they'd been able to work together I could easily see them reaching the Empress no problem.
You bet! It's not going anywhere, haha. Glad to have you back!
[Spoilerrific Speculation]
One thing I always found fascinating was the fact that Bart had neural implants -- the same way the Precursors did. There's a fan theory floating around out there that Bart's implants interfered with the Sea Emperor trying to contact him, so he dismissed her contact as hallucinations. I like this theory because otherwise it makes no sense that the Degasi crew couldn't cure themselves. If Bart had been able to contact the Sea Emperor the same way Ryley did, there's no way in hell he wouldn't have gone to her aid.

The theory also postulates that the implants allowed Bart to "pick up" transmissions from the warpers, which is why he later says, "they do NOT want us down there."
Well, the Degasi crew sure left a lot of booze bottles around their bases...
That's her tattoo. Her bite's on the other shoulder.
She was hiding, heehee.
Darn Cthulhu, messing up their game.