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WOWWWEEEEEE! i love hillarees new hair ^-^

Hmm, so Hazel gets attacked by pokemon, but Hillaree doesnt? Maybe Hazel has an annoying aura which pokemon dislike, whilst Hillarees is more, friendly?
Heh, *joins in chorus but sings opera instead of humming*

Um, yea, I like this page, too, actually i like most pages, but hey, i like this page :)

Have there actually been any other pages without Hillaree? Im not sure, if not then this is the first ;)

Anyway, the background on panel 3 is kinda,,, odd, but i can live with it

Happy 3 Days Til My Mums Birthday xD
OMG! Hazel is so cool <33

and Totodile looks a lot better on this page, congrats :)
Hi, I've been reading your comics for a while now and they're really good. It's inspired me to make my own webcomic but..i don't know how :S

Do you just draw it and scan it in? or do you have to use some sort of internet site thing, if so, could i have the link to the one you use or anyone else uses? please :)

Anyway, I really like this comic, this page is very funny and i cant really give any bad comments on it, apart from totodile, but i won't give you the greef, because i cant draw totodile if my life depended on it!!