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I like shonen-ai, humor, tennis, psychology, violence in general. I'm an intp. I read.
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your ears are often too far back. Just saying. Don't be afraid to show some neck :D
wait, you're changing your style. Well I'm all for it if that just means adding color. Your style takes a few pages to get, because the lines in the first few pages are kind of wobbly like beevis and butthead, and there needs to be more muscle and nudity!!!
December 20th, 2009
I really don't think acid is addictive. It's illegal because it's associated with hippies. It could kill you just as easily as a single dosage of cough medicine, because it may make you crash your car when you see the road twisting like a corkscrew. You can't even overdose unless you take a hundred times the recreational dose, and then you just spend the rest of your life tripping. I don't like it though for religious reasons. A lot of people turn to drugs that make you hallucinate like this for inspiration. However, I think this is false inspiration. While the mind control was cool, all the little voices in my head were very contradictory to my beliefs as in anti-Hebraic/Christianity. So I was all like "imposter, imposter, NeXT!!!" but they were all disturbingly wrong and it disappointed me. :< I also started becoming aware of my dreams for like six months afterwords.
is the whole Gravitation "head" and "Vegetable" labeling thing?
ooh, you should do the brave little tailor. :)
ha ha Rockfart. Rock Fart XDDD
kawaii *_*
Both of these names are ambiguous, they're both boy/girl names.