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I've always wanted to draw manga... It's sort of a dream of mine. ♥

Hibbies: Drawing (dur), listening to/playing music (I play bass guitar! ♥), being a rabid fan girl of j-rock bands, cooking, sewing, writing, Ragnarök Online.
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I have boots a little like those. ^w^ They're 9 Buckle~
That was a close one! D:
Sorry for the long wait in updates, Rokuro made a suggestion for what I should work on next and I nearly got sidetracked! D: Soon I'll be purchasing Manga Studio, or something of the kind, so maybe that will improve my screentoning abilities? Who knows... Maybe I really am terrible at this! xD

This isn't a particularly interesting/good-looking page... Just a little interaction between "father" and "son" Er... They're not related at all...
The story will pick up after this, and some things will be revealed... I know this is moving rather quickly, but thats why this is just a practice manga! >w<;
Rokuro made it for me. &#9829;
This is disgusting in an absolutely lovely and fascinating way. ^w^{&#9829;)
*claps* I agree with the first 2 comments. The architecture is incredible. Excellent! ♥
Tii-sama! You must update! And go see my manga as well! &#9829;

This is "Stick-ly" from DA, btw. ^w^ &#9829;
Yay! New character! &#9829; I rather like writing this guy. He's turning out to be quite entertaining for me. ^w^

He is Kaito.
Oh my! You fave'd my manga! ♥ Such an honor, thank you! ^w^
This is really, really good. You're so good at writing! (Something I'm not too good at yet.) I can't wait to see more of this. ♥
This looks nice so far &#9829; I can see that you're really quite good at drawing surroundings for your characters. Thats something that I epically fail at. ; w ; I want to see big-version Yoko more! She's so adorable! &#9829;
(Not Responding)
As I was about to finish this page, adding the final bits of text:

Adobe Photoshop(Not Responding)

Vee: NO!! Come back to me! I'll never abuse your brushes and stamps again! (Lies) Just, please!

My pleading was to no avail. ; w ;
The program closed and I had to start all over again.

After this page the plot will thicken/pick up. So keep reading! &#9829;
Ahahaha! Thats me. &#9829;