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Iam a pretty simple guy iam going to go active for the army so wish me a littleluck i might see iraq again nice huh any ways i like rock an roll music, books i like to read, sci fi, fantasy i am big on comic books so a lot of those to
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finally i got to catch up, this ought to intresting a newly born vampire a dragon and a woman that can see there true forms and of course the horse the bites on command. awesome combo of people cant wait to see the next update.
i like they yeah joan was stuck thats just great i felt like that some times to. Drakes facial expressions are very well done.
i like the charcter on the cover, makes you wonder what trouble joan and drake will face.
i liked kyle his like me most of the time good natrued and ready to do what it takes for his friends, then he goes the wrong diriction in doing so. yeah thats describes me to. *sigh* good natrure idiots gotta love us.
good work on this page dai, you know how to fill your chacters i like how drage and joan work together and yet against each other i hope to countine to follow your work on this comic. ( yeah iam a fan )
oh well the knight is busted joan is a sack of taters and drake is just misarable
i like how you can bring it all together very nicely done daidaishar the comic is very cool
drake is mad becuase he was denied his kill such and animal
go joan go go i like the way drake looks at her when she says that he he poor drake, movie title "dragon in a mans world" lol
got to give it to joan between bieng a medium for the supernatraul and going with a dragon the girls got some serios couage or mental problems
hey he is a dragon and is natrual instinct is kill or be killed its the law of nature you cant stop him from doing what he knows best thats like to stop a vampire from feeding well got to go
i feel sorry for the knight, he is still willing to fight and drake is just gonna kinda smack him down. Poor knight we new so little of thy
its ok Zheyma if you didnt crtique the creator on what they did then they would never improve, so its all good and iam sure she wont mind
i feel for drake but you know not all dragons are bad. He could have easily destroyed the village joan lived in but he didnt so he's not all bad, he makes the perfect anti-hero
yeah that probaly happen poor drake gets no love
i like the horse i hope you keep it with the group and maybe it will grow on drake and joan