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Thats me until you read my stories, I tend to get a little bloody sometimes.
I have a lot of stories, but I'm posting up Hooveboy at the moment because it seems to be the easiest to produce.
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August 17th, 2012
no real work put into this one, so no real comment!
August 17th, 2012
I'm on a roll.
August 16th, 2012
I'm going to miss doing the traditional strips. This looks so plain to me. Oh well, it's a nice chapter, look forward to it!
Ok, since I'm going to college pretty quick here, I've decided that Hooveboy will be digital when updated. It's quicker (since I'll only be doing flats) and I don't need to sniff out a scanner on campus.
I'm starting chapter two, but I dunno how often I'll be able to update, since I'll be busy with other stuff. Enjoy!
I don't know when I will start on the second one, but It's problee gonna be a while. I have school to get ready for and vacations in a different country. I think it's going to happen, though, so at least there is that!
It's been a good chapter, everyone, I hope to see you all for the next one! All your comments have been wonderful, and thank you for being so patient!
well, basically done.
This chapter was supposed to have 52 pages, so i must have omitted a few. I don't remember what strips I left out (intentionally, I hope), but I think it flowed ok, considering its a four panel comic with a continuous story.
well, it would be disappointing if it was all a dream.
yes, excitement.
almost done.
hm. the plot thickens.
last one for tonight.
Meshech has an idea.
Meshech's mask goes off!
and what a handsome thing he is!
this is Lawson having an emotional breakdown, everybody. Enjoy.
It's been a year, but I'm gonna try to at least finish the first chapter.
I'll see what to do with this project after that, but for now, I shall continue.
I would absolutely HATE to be this detailed =_= My god, you work hard. Just looking at the progress is making me feel tired and lazy. I'll never understand how you have lasted this long, I would have died.

Anyways, I noticed how the outline in the last step of your progress sheet REALLY makes the characters pop out. I mean, the step before that looked good as it was, and it looked complete, but adding the final touches REALLY makes a huge difference. I'm still amazed on how precise you are. Everything is in excellent detail, and it really turns my toilet knowing I'm not capable of it XD

And I can't blame Hotaru for diving right into Noaki like that. Who can resist his belly?
when you asked me yesterday if I liked the new strip, I thought you meant the last one XD So I told you what I thought of the last one, haha! I didn't know you updated!

AH, anyways, this one is even better (It almost beat naruto) ! Akisha is draw so cutely, and it makes her even creepier XD
and you draw cars interiors... quite nicely >:0 It looks so nice! and cars too! those things are, like, my worst enemy!
great job!
Alice in second panel= win.
you were right, this one IS a doozy XD This will be interesting, haha!
haha, I see that door you put so much effort on XD very good job!
oh, and gosh, the last panel has got to be my favorite here. The angle of her face is just perfect. What a beautiful pause. It just gives a moment to take it all in. Just perfect.
and don't kill yourself, dude, these pages are killer hard to do I'm sure. Take your time and don't stress ;)
Great job!
and just in time. I was really starting to miss seeing ash being horribly tortured. Thank you :D Your so awesome!
I never thought I'd have more than five fans OAO
You guys are awesome TT-TT
Bad news, though: I have finals coming up, so, No new strip for a couple of weeks (I know, on top of a whole month)

Summer is coming up, though, and although it will be packed, I'm sure I'll have more time to do this comic.
Thanks again!!!