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@Feesx: they work for me; try clicking on the name of the server when you're in the server; it's at the top-left of the screen in the server and it has a down arrow next to it; then click server settings and then click the emoji tab, and then you can click the Upload Emoji button at the top (it's blue) to upload emojis one by one; you have to have permission from the person in charge of the server to access the server settings though; for people who don't have permission that button won't be there
oh cool, i didn't know mochi's birthday was today :)
:) i really appreciate all the comics you drew and i love reading your comics :)
aww, but yay! treat is answering the questions herself :D
wow you're not kidding; aww, i wanted to hear her answers though if you feel comfortable sharing
@Bandit steve: lol
@NomnomNami: oh i see; thank you very much :)
@NomnomNami: no i know that, but you're saying thyme isn't transgender and she's worrying that she doesn't resemble what she used to look like when she was little anymore?

i'm sorry for all the misunderstandings, i thought thyme was transgender and that she was worrying that she still might resemble what she used to look like when she looked like a boy, since a lot of girls who are transgender worry about whether they look like a boy
@NomnomNami: oh i see; i thought thyme was on the right in the middle picture because spice's clothes were darker

but in that case: in the middle picture, spice says she was the wrong gender, and in the last picture, thyme is the one worrying if there's any resemblance left
@NomnomNami: cool :D and don't you mean thyme? in the cast page thyme is the one with long, straight hair and spice is the one with curly hair
oh cool :D trick is one of my favorite characters and i've always wondered whether they have a crush on anyone :)