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I kind of ship Rain's childhood friend (the girl? What's her name, uhhh Anabelle? Elisabeth?) And Ky together, I know she's straight and stuff but -- I dunno, they could work out? She seems like a fun girl who's up for stuff (like, see how well she adjusted to Rain's transition compared to, say, Gavin; and how sweet she was with Ruby, comforting her, even when she didn't know her, about the breakup.) And Ky seems like someone who isn't afraid of doing anything they like (see how well they pulled off their identity even with their family and school peeps rejecting them without losing faith in themself; and how they showed their breasts to Gavin to prove a point), so I guess maybe they could both work together? They're both people who aren't fazed easily, It's more hot-headed about it but Annabeth-what's-her-name is just pretty chill about it and supportive of people she loves, so I guess they'd make a good team for down the road?

As for the attraction thing, Ky did say they had more boy-mode days that year, and let's not forget Rudy's view on Rain, proving that sexuality is very much not black-and-white. And I don't know if that's a thing, but maybe -- maybe they could work out well even during the androgynous or girl-mode days. Like, what about people whose spouse comes out as trans, and they stay together? Like, it might do the same for the two of them.

(Okay, I might not be right, but I mostly want everyone to have a happy couple by the end of the story and these two seem like the only ones who aren't in a couple)
Maybe he's going to take an actual King for the position now that je knows Rain's a girl. So we get a King after all!!! I wonder who it is...
Wait I thought that uh you considered using the f-bomb for the like, revelation page? I thought Rain would freak out a little? But I'm really glad she's okay!!! And her friends are supportive as always and it's awesome to see the supporting cast being so nice (honestly, Debbie didn't react how I thought she would, seeing as she was herself accusing Rain of being a guy a few chapters ago. But it seems she's not jumping on that train!!! Yay!!!!)
I'm thinking Devon might just say something like "that happened to my friend, too", and shrug it off as a misunderstanding. Maybe Fara will do something as well. But other than that, I guess the school year is over (or almost over), so I guess maybe it'll be okay? Except if they all go to the same college or if the news spread. But I guess I'm mostly worried about how Rain must be feeling right now. Must be a kick in the face to hear herself get outed like that. At prom, nonetheless.
@Guest: I LOVE IT <3 Rim it is then
@Nua: I ship it now! Need a ship name for them though, does anyone have ideas?
Ooo I wonder where this is going...
@WiispNightmare: My thoughts exactly

Unrelated but I love your profile picture!