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Le Jelleh
Oh, nuts, I never know what to say in these, considering that I don't like to give out personal information...

I guess you'll just have to get to know me, yourself. xPP
Poor lil' guy. D:
Looks like Rika needs a hug... D:
Mmm. Put some Tabasco on that shit, and that's a meal right 'dere. ;D
Damn, you've been updating all over the place, huh? xD
That's right. I'd like to see you do a better job drawing this, asshole.

Here's some news for you, dickwad: I DO have a life.

I work forty hours a week like a goddamn slave, and the time I have in between, I use to draw comics like this for pieces of shit like you.

Now, I can be the worst artist on the planet, but you have NO fucking right to treat ANYone who spends their valuable time on entertaining you like this. Show some goddamn grace and appreciation, or get the fuck out.

If you really DID like this comic, you would take the good with the bad, and be fucking mature about it, because you just ruined it for everyone.

Thanks again, you pathetic fuck.
Oh, dear. I honestly wasn't looking for that much response, or anything. I'm not so bothered by the lack of enthusiasm as I just have better things to do.

I had to do something when updating came to be a drag. However, I'm glad some people kinda get where I'm coming from. Maybe when my schedule clears up, I could make room for it, but it's just not worth it anymore.

Sorry I let so many people down. >__>;
Yeah, missed Monday's update.... again.

However, that won't be anything for us to worry about anymore, as I have bad/good news for ya'll.

I've decided to quit. For starters, my cramped schedule makes updating this kinda hard.

And secondly, I don't like making such an effort to get these in weekly to be told that I suck. Honestly, how would you feel if you spent 45 minutes working on a damn page to turn around and see snide comments about how your co-author is way better than you, and ladida...? Kinda a bullshit deal if you ask me. And me and Meta have been compared to eachother on more than one occasion.

It's insulting, and rude to both of us. Meta is actually the one I'm hurting most with this, because I got on my knees to let her allow me to be a replacement, and I promised her I'd stick to it till the end.

But it quickly ran dry, and only because of a select few of you deciding to be assholes about the changes.

So to you innocent lurkers, readers, and most of all, Miss Meta; I apologize. I wasn't looking to get showered with glory during this project, but to be completely unappreciated isn't what I wanted either.

Meta, PM me about this when you see it, I have something I want to talk to you about, thanks.
Lol. I wasn't looking to have DDD's arms that freaking short compared to his legs. It just happened.
I hate to think so, because I never said what it is. xP

Seriously, there's little reward in updating this two days in a row, if I'm just going to have what I say shot down.. >__>;
HEheheheheheee. Is this page disappointing to some? Three crappy panels.... WEAK, right?

Well, me and Meta have a surprise for you guys, so I'll just leave it at that until the next update. ;D
Okay, so as some of you have noticed.. I missed my update last week.

And this one is an hour late. xD I kinda fell asleep at five this afternoon, and was konked out until just a little while ago.

Expect another update tomorrow to make up for last week's. I honestly didn't mean to neglect this poor comic, I just kinda blew everything off for my social life last week. I promise to keep on track a little better, if you all promise to rate me, and comment, and love me. ;D
Lawls. I was laughing my ass off the whole time I was drawing this page. Something to do with the shocked look on that Galbo's face that made me totally lose it.

Oh, and happy Monday, btw. ;D
Sorry I was late for my Monday update yesterday. Something kinda came up...
He doesn't even have a nose in that panel. :/ That scribble is just blush. >__>;
So a lot's been going on with me; Sorry if it seems like I've been neglecting this... I'm definitely no Meta when it comes to update frequency...

But I've finally settled on a schedule. I'll be doing weekly updates for now. More if I feel like it.

Originally, I wanted to do Saturday updates, but I'm rarely home on the weekends, so that won't last long.

So expect updates on Mondays. Most likely either in the morning, or realllllllyyyy late at night.

And in regards to this page; My epic drawing skills still don't do much for the last panel. If you can't decipher what the hell it is that I drew there, it's DDD's king robe.

WHOOO! This is turning into a strip party! ;D

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? xP
...twelve. ;O
He supposed to eight. xD
EW. Panel one = PHAIL.

Gosh, it seems like forever since I've updated this, a thousand pardons.

And a thousand more for making you guys all wait for a three panel page. -___-;

Just gotta get back in the groove. 8D
I think the water is somehow connected to Lucky.

He's the only one who's not really reacting to it, right? ;D