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So cute!!!😍❤
Some interesting bits in this section, we know what's gonna happen in the future and interesting stuff as well!
Nice! A QnA section!
@TrollTeodor yeah, that's been annoying PKM, so please stop
This looks awsome and interesting, loving it!
This looks really cool! Cant wait!
Lol vaporeon face be like >:3
Glaceon+Necrozma :0 that's insane! Things are starting to get interesting! :D
This special chapter is going great! Its awsome!
Ice types are weak to rock, so she took a decent amount of damage
It's ok flare, you didnt destroy the restaurant and everyone is fine :) but epic fight!
Holy moly, Speed regenerated his arm! So many interesting things are going on.
This the Best Comic ever! :3
Did she just cut off speeds arm? Omg dude, this just gone Instense! :0
Flare smart bringing berries, fact: this is the longest special chapter :)
Hope Flare is ok, you go get her speed, bu CC seems like she is possessed by something, same red eye as flare has sometimes, interesting
Play the Cynthia battle music! :)
Warning dont bring up or say Fear near Silvia.