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Bankrupt burrito
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    Zsigmond ford
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I like the fox a little more than siren. just more visually pleasing...nes.
ya no the first reaction I would have if a minion from despicable me came to my door would probably see if I was on drugs
can we get a big fat rip in the chat
to be honest I really like the fillers
that's the single worst advice ever.
@Bankrupt burrito: also the tiny secret thing that you can do if you hover your mouse over the screen says h
how could I relate to a small fictional pokemon so much?
@8-BitAbsol666: well, yeah that's what a theory is.
isa tomi
you said Donald Trump 5 times in that sentence.
Can't control em I guess.
I would pay money to listen to that argument.
@Jacen: that's a lotta effort to comment on a webcomic
heh fun
that's a great idea
and you still were able to write that