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I am short. And I sleep a lot.

I used to have a comic on here but it was deleted due to being trash. Hahaha. I will probably do something in the future~
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"Rough night?" >;)
"....antennas..." <_____>
"Wtf?" ...O_O.

Hahaha. Laid. Not even close.

Poor guy.
Ah, Sid, the Gentle Giant |D
And I love that weird little smile Juvciel has. It's almost creepy, hahaha.

Although, I'm so surprised Raz ranked so low, comparatively. O my.

That whole thing reminds me of this one song. It's called Got a Big Dick. And those are the only words that are understandable in the entire song. It just repeats, over and over...

Oh, I never commented on the last page D: Ah, here's my replying to a couple pages back then.

Doesn't everyone fight at the dinner table? :D

I think the main thing that makes Raz look demonic, apart from the condescending attitude, is totally the eyes. Creepy as shit. I bet they would glow if you met him in a dark alley.

Ah, you sort of answered something I was wondering, about how the Bezzafrayl and Chiranobles came to power. Appointed, eh... and it has nothing to do with morals. Hmmm. Although, some people seem more suited to their role than others.

You're not close to running out of questions, right? I'm enjoying these :<
Hiya, just found your comic and am loving it. Your art is so... cute? I'm not sure how to put it. But I love the coloring and such. Also, shoulder stars? Beautiful.

Anyway, this plot seems like it could really go somewhere, unlike most manlove things. I'll stick around :)
January 4th, 2012
What the friggetty fuck am I reading @___@

Totally faving this.
Dinner table fights can be super interesting... :D

Dude, I saw that Raztionette thing a while back. Also super freaky, dude. o__O He is so manly, he just looks strange and demonic in ladies clothing. XD

You're trying to tell me their relationship is not rainbows and sunshine when the Magician is three inches tall? :D

He likes the men with lotsa muscle, eh? My immediate mental image is of Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist. *TWINKLE TWINKLE*

Anyway, with Amvisile being such live wire, it has me really starting to wonder how Chiranobles and Bezzafrayl are appointed... because it really does not seem like there are definite lines of 'good' and 'bad' in either, although this is subject to change at any given second.
Woah, Amvisile. At least soooomebody has some testosterone 8U Definitely ready to see Kresin in action! Bring IT.

Daaww, the last picture in the incentive is super dorbs. Although it frightens me to see Raz in a maid costume. It's definitely one of the scariest things I've ever seen. Top four.

25? Wow. The highest I had seen it since I started reading was 105, so I'm glad to see it getting bumped up. C: And not to brownnose, but oooh, it's #1 in my heart. Ohohoho. *twinkle twinkle*

It's just that Sid is so bumbling and adorable that any relationship he is in would be full of sparkles and rainbows. Or something like that. Although Mags would kinda be the rain cloud / Eeyore of the pair. But an eye out I will keep. C:

Well obviously, he likes men with SUPER MUSCLES and MANLEH FEE-CHAS. Maybe he has a complex where the man has to be bigger than he is. Taller, stronger, etc.

You're spoiling us with these daily updates D: I come home from work like OOOOH DeSTRESS AGAAAAIN

This is shorter than my usual comments. Yesss.
Dude, I love the answering incentives. So much hilarity ensues! This time, the biggest laugh from me was the "Creepy. Probably wants to fuck."

So yes, I love these answers. ♥ I just have not really been saying anything cause putting 'I lol'd so fricken hard again!' would get redundant XD

I'm glad you don't mind the long comments. Fufufu.

Oh, yay, you're in the top 100 now :D

Faster than one page a day? o_______o

I'm am HELLA looking forward to their first meeting. Oh my stars. I don't know if I'll hurt, laugh, or cry.

Did not look his age, eh? Aw. He sorta had the evil teenager vibe going, but now he just has the evil-all-the-time vibe going. o_o

I don't want to be made angry D:

No, no! Plotplotplot is wonderful! I'm so sick and tired of all the movies, shows, webcomics, you name it, being all SEX VIOLENCE O RIGHT with really horrible plots. I'm tentative to even start reading a comic on this site especially, because eeeeverything is all DESU DESU FUCK ME PLZ I KNOW WE JUST MET BUT YOU GET ME SO HO-NEEEEEE

Oh geese. You offhandedly just disproved my the-Magician-is-not-gay theory. But that's okay. I think he and Sid would be too bubbly and cute a couple for the tone of this comic, though. Although, I will now ponder who else would be good to him. Damn youuuu.

Well, strong or not, I approve of her so far. Obviously Cheres kicked her ass around something fierce for her to be so desperate to get away from her, but~ in my opinion, it takes balls to stand up to Razmarus, so more power to her.

Also, I sort of identified with her, because she sort of acted how I think I would in that situation, if I were desperate enough. Although, I would not be as whiny, but whatever. He still would have gotten pissed off enough to drop me too, eventually.

Well, yes, I know she can't diiieee but she can get removed from the story completely, which is kind like this comic's version of character death. CX

Also, new characters, yay! I don't see how Raz thinks that guy is a 9/10, cause I sure as hell don't! Bony, manly old man!
Wow, you updated so damn fast I didn't get to comment on the previous page. o_o

First off - that incentive is wonderful :D I didn't realize page one was the first time they'd ever met! That's crazy! Good thing Raz isn't normal, because if the first thing someone tried to do to a normal person was seduce them, I think said normal person would feel very, very awkward.

I'm glad someone asked (directly or otherwise) if there had even been any actual sex between the two. Like I said, I didn't realize that that was their first meeting. I think I assumed that Magician had at least attempted it before, but had been just as successful as he was in the first few pages. I.e., not a damn bit.

Oh, you didn't mean for him to be shota looking? I thought I read that you said that somewhere. Sorry to put words in your mouth, then C: Although, I did really love how he was drawn in the beginning. But, masculine isn't bad either. It's just weird that he seems to be in a slow competition with the magician for the most MAHNLEH FAY-SUH. *sparkle sparkle*

What sort of effect? Don't get my hopes up, now :< I'll come right out and admit that I hope it's sexual in some way.

Although, I do admire you shushing your readers and telling them PLOT FIRST. But I think we are all secretly, or not so secretly, wish for a couple. Ah. But in my head, I can't work it out plot-wise that they'd be happy together or whatnot.

Also, random thought. I really like the scar woman. I don't know if anyone brought her up yet, but I am really interested in her as a character. She's able to stand up to Raz, for crying out loud. She put up with his taunts/threats/jeers, and didn't back out of following through with letting him ~have his way with her~. I so far think she's a strong character with the potential for so much.

(Which means I'll cry if you kill her off really quickly D:)

I dunno, I look forward to seeing where that goes, with her around. I like her a lot. X) And want to know her name.

Okay, I'm done. C:
Why do my comments always end up so long. Goddamit.
I know how you feel about being called in all the time :C Yesterday, alas! I was called in, today I stayed laaate... but, the holidays are nearly over. *passes out*

I noticed the red lines around his neck were the same / similar, I just don't want to jump to conclusions. All I can assume for sure is that he's at least been in Mionfaer, BUT this story seems to like to confuse / trick / mislead so I will just wait and seee~

A half smile is not as creepy as that huge toothy grin that Raz drew, for sure! Hehe, if Magician smiled like that, there'd be an earthquake or other natural disaster of equal magnitude, possibly :D

All I can hope is that Raz eventually stops being a bitch and becomes completely, 100% sweet with no ulterior motives just long enough for the Magician to smile. Even if he lapses back into assholery within ten seconds, as assholes tend to do when they reveal a nice side. :|

As for Raz originally being planned as slightly-taller-than-average-shota-bait, he totally doesn't ring my shota bells anymore like he did in the beginning. But he has not reached Crimson Chin proportions as of yet! XDDD So masculine.

Also, I greatly look forward to the surprise. X) It's bound to be funny. Maybe.
Aw, I had just started watching this one. But it's okay, I understand. I have reached that point, a lot of people have reached that point.

Are you going to leave the pages up or delete them?
Latin dictionary:
Votum - prayer, wish, desire, vow, promise to god

I no guess, I cheat D:

That incentive, yaaay!
Now, trying to picture the Magician smiling. Does not compute.

Recheck him..... hmmmm. I will stare closely at him until he does something fairly obvious o____o

As for this page, I wonder if the magician giving up is because he realizes his efforts are, at the given moment, futile. Or, if he is the type to always give up halfway through.

And with you saying that Raz may not be right about the Magician's thoughts, you are totally taking away any redeeming, humanitarian qualities he might have potentially had. Good job. :D

I do enjoy him just taking the bed, though. X) Without regard for Raz. I suppose in a way this shows how his tolerance really is starting to wear thin.
Post dos!
I just reread, and holy cow did I miss a lot the first time through!

TIME FOR MY IRREVOCABLY INCORRECT THEORIES WHICH I WILL JUST BLURT OUT. OKAY. Sorry this is so long. I'm not expecting a response to any of this, I just had to get it out. D:

The clips/hair things/whatever Chiranobles wear. It could be a thing given to them by this Juvciel character. I think it, at least in part, controls their monster forms. Raz's was dripping at one point / Martae's bracelets were important. I think it is what makes them immortal, since she was not to 'die' without them.

I can't recall if there was something to disprove this, but I have a suspicion that Mag's eye has Nihilfaer poisoning. Exposing it to the sunlight or something would probably make it spread faster. Maybe the eyepatch works as a ward of sorts to keep the poison in place. Or maybe he's been cursed in his eye, that's why he doesn't talk...

I'm glad you spelled out why Magician was trying to get sexy with Raz in the first few pages. I think I'm bad at subtly and never would have realized it. :| So, my theory on their relationship. (ttly wrong of course.)
I don't think Magician is actually gay, or anything, like, at all. Maybe he could develop feelings or whatever unmarkeds feel (hahaha) but the poor guy has some deeper connection that has him putting up with Raz's bullshit. (obviously.) And as for Raz, I think he just doesn't care who it is. But! I am starting to think that for as poorly as he treats Mags, he would never let harm come to him. Or some other totally homo-sounding euphemism. What Texty says/has written in him kinda suggests that, or maybe not, who knows.

The blue pages, I'm thinking are flashbacks. As for who is in them, I'm not completely sure. I think Kavir is the human-world version of someone we already know. Maybe Sid. Probably Sid. Possibly Mags, but not likely. Well, it could be, judging from Setton's skin tone. Actually, yeah, it's probably Magician. Also, that old injured guy has hair a lot like Raz's, if you look at the bangs right. XD

... ohgeesepleasedon'tberelated o_o;

So. As for the year that Raz was missing. I think he's having memory relapse, and that something critical had to have happened in that year... was he reborn in the human world and hated it? The horror! I have no idea on this. So curious...

As for texty. Dude, he's gotta be, like, Raz's innermost thoughts come to life to pick away at his psychology. No one else can see him. (It, I suppose would be better.) I think his body at least is a direct reflection of Raz's thoughts. As for where he came from, who knows! Juvciel might've had a hand in it.

Juvciel = Red Star? hmmm...

Also, 'Astervotum' sounds like 'star speak' to me XD Star language. Fff.

Just throwing this out there. Sid said something about 'what would happen to your soul if you died here'. I wonder how the Bezzafrayl/Chiranobles get there in the first place. Or the unmarked for that matter! Maybe if an unmarked dies in Mionfaer they end up a pissy old priest like Raz.

Okay, I'm done spewing nonsense. *lapses back into silent stalking*
The Mags incentive is nice :D Although, this comic you supposedly wouldn't be able to draw very well seems to have the hints of being drawn really well. XD

I find it interesting that Raz has no trouble understanding a mute. I guess that speaks volumes about his level of attention to someone he claims to just consider as a fuckbuddy, hmm?

I love Raz's high and mighty expression in the first panel, despite being pinned to a wall by dark otherwordly forces of magic, fff.
Wow <3<3
I just read the whole comic for start to finish, and you are blowing me away! Completely!!

Your art style is so unique, and I adore the little cheek swirleys X3 Also, the sickly yellow permeating the pages really sets the mood well.

I, like everyone else I suppose, am confused and lost and so excited and interested in your story! I have no idea what is going to happen, which I love about stories.

Your characters are interesting, have depth, and all that good stuff. I also could not ask for a more creative setting - a very dangerous setting...

I hope you continue, with joy and vigor! I may or may not die of curiosity in the meantime :)

Superb! Wonderful! I love it!
Oh, myyyyy♥
I just found your beautiful work a few days ago, and wanted to tell you that I am completely, wholly enamored.

In no other comic on this site have I seen such creativity and supreme AWESOMENESS as in this! So many interesting characters with refreshingly non-desu, masculine art. (I know you're female, but just saying. The thick lines and boxy characters, you know.) You've created this whole other world, with it's own language and everything. I mean, damn.

You also gave me a character to hate, but I ended up liking him anyway! It's very difficult to do that for me... (I mean Raz, of course)

Having a mute character is a challenging task, but it makes him all the more intriguing. You work his facial expressions perfectly.

I can believe how well you've fleshed out the characters in such a short amount of pages! Comics so much longer have such shallow characters that I can't even read them. Superb. *bows*

So, with something this wonderful, interesting, solid, and well-plotted, you can bet I will be sticking around until the end, whether by it being completed or you giving up on it.

I love this. Thank you ;___;

(Also, love the incentive. Unf unf.) pedophilia is rising XDD

So cute and romantic... awww... I love it ^^
This foreboding rumbling. I like XD
Reminds me of Spongebob o-o
Yay, I'm so glad that I get back and you're posting again! ^-^

It would be so awesome to live in a place where you alone could manipulate reality... o-o I would fly. I've always wanted to...

Thank you so much for the pages! ^^
I'm mesmerized <3<3
J-just don't it go to your head, mister!! >>;