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Hello. My name is Red. I... **squints at hands** make comics, that sure is a thing that I do. Don't get a lot of sleep? Apparently, not very creative with descriptions either.
Anyway I'm here now I GUESS
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Lets play the "how literally can I make her hair emote for me" Game.
Yes, You should take most of these literally. I can't wait to make her hair floof up like a cats fure. I actually did it for a Q&A recently!

//biggest think?!
I tried redrawing my house from memory but maybe I should go on google images
I've never actually done a black and white comic so hopefully this goes well
did you know that a common stress response is to mess with your hair?
My backlog currently consists of a grain of salt and a sleep depressed finger
figuring out ways to mess with Laelia's hair has highkey got to be my favorite part about this next selection, entire interaction aside.
Color change, 'ayy

We can't just keep the same colors the entire chapter! It's like outfits, I'd get bored as hell with the same boys.
I drew the smallest, cutest Namie on this page.
Also that mis-spelling of her name? intentional. Pizzazz. Emphasis.

Laelia being a bitch.
'EY YO guys. Made a new Cover for this site, made to fit the site a bit better. I may still tweak it around here and there, buuutt

(●´∀`●) ヾ(^∇^)b
Ah, at last. We've been given a name for the Creetin
Introduce Namie, and she's maybe like tiny bit relevant.
the smoochum knows how to fight!! no really guys she KNOWS how to FIGHT!
Just not her own battles.
You can wash away the proof but never the shame.
I woke up today specifically to put out this update and go back to sleep. It's too hot where I am.
Leafeon and the CREW.
NOthing but THe GRANITE.....
Hhh I wanna spa day too
Least they didn't try exploring the mouth of the cave //shivers
//places packages on zygards horn things.

He Kind.