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omg, they are so freaking cute i could die now ;u;
But i'm also worried about Plucky and the others aaah
well, i think he is not almost exploding now, maybe he wil talk nicely? ^^'
Just met your comic, it seems so cuuute
I hope Sol do nice ^^
Oh god he is mad, i'll be waiting for the fight now suahsuhsau
I was missing this comic so much ;u; but take your time <3 i love it with all my heart
Anyway, jsut me who start thinking if there are humanoid horses in this universe and if there is, would they ride a horse XDDDD... sorry i'm kinda random sometimes
Yeeeah, i know i'm pretty late, but this weekend was crazy, so i didnt have too much time to finish in time. So... sooorry ;u;
Uh oh, das is mad
June 4th, 2019
OMFGOSH i loved it, they are all so pretty, your style is awsome and the story seems so interesting, different. Can barely wait for the next ^^
Ooooh boy... I'm dying here. ;-;
I think i falled in love with this comic and it's plot. Congratulations author <3
I'm so sorry for taking so long, crazy things happened and i'm stuck with some college problems right now. I also was sick for two weeks. Basically my life went crazy these last 4 weeks ;u;
I think i just fell in lov with this comic, its so sensitive and interesting, cant wait to see more <3
I know it's suposed to be sad and all, but this page is sooo beautiful *u*
I know i'm late
College is killing me and i'm filled with things to do ;u; (and my procrastination habit makes everything harder), i also got sick for some strange reason after easter .-.
Anyway, sorry for the delay ;u;
I know theres almost no dialogue in this page, but it's just introdution for some new shits hahaha..ha
I made a whole drama to read this page hahahaha. When I saw him injured I began to roll on my bed saying things like "noooo, my baby, noooo, noooo"
;U; I hope they don't think he is the one who start the fire
April 20th, 2019
Oh gosh its getting dark?... U NEED TO GO HOME SWEET PRINCE ;-;
@silver moon :3: It's a secret *u*(just for a while HAHAA). But she is not really "new" in the comic HAHAHA (i need to stop saying too much ;u;)
Ok, next chapters i promise there will be some moments between our fox and bunny XD
Also i feel like i'm geting better at drawing Luka's hair hhahah, i had lot of difficults with all this wavy blue bun .-.
This is SO CRUEL, how will I be able to wait for the next one TT-TT
April 18th, 2019
@NikkiFenir: i feel more like the fanatic and spoiled child HAHAHA