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my name is Siobhan (shi/shuh-von), i like video games, fashion, and comics. :> I'm siobhanchiffon@tumblr
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August 31st, 2013
New page and hiatus news
Hiii! Sorry for the delay on this page, but currently life is getting a little hectic for me! Cass did an amazing job rendering the colors and atmosphere on this page, right? Dakota's kind of badass.

I bring bad news along with this update, however. I'm working on building a portfolio for art school (yay!) and unfortunately can't focus entirely on Indigents at the moment. Our comic is something I'm very proud of, and I don't want to hinder quality in order to get pages out every week. So Indigents is going to be on a longer hiatus while I get ready for portfolio review! Thank you all so much for reading and asking for more updates, its so encouraging to know people like a comic we put a lot of love and labor in to.

I hope you all don't mind this small break, and continue to look forward to future updates! ;v; <3
April 10th, 2013
oh my god i haven't done one of these in forever I HAVE MISSED YOU ALL <33

@CandyTheUnicorn – Hey, thanks so much for the input! We want to make it easier for you readers, so Cass went ahead and darkened some of the fonts. We were trying to keep with a consistent theme, hopefully it’s a little easier for your eyes! ;v; And it makes me really happy to hear you re-read, aww!!

@dinolover12 – Aww, I always get excited for comments/speculation! And maybe!! ;>

@AeryonSun – Thank you for such a sweet comment! I tried to make it look like Dakota was overcoming a lot of pain in the last panel, and Cass painted his profile so perfect. ;v;

@winterdarkness – Oh gosh, I’m glad you’re okay enough to type a comment ahahaha! And thanks!

@coloradogirl86 – its about to get Ultimate Fighter up in here

@Bursyamo – Ay cutieee, thanks so much!! ;v;

@Shark – Bawww, you’re too nice, as always, Shark!! And Cass does such an amazing job painting snow -- especially for someone who's never seen it in person!! compared to me who's seen it all to much this year. Thankfully not any bloody snow tho ahaha

@SaintRazzle – I knowwww, Cass always kills it with amazing rendering and color choices, page after pageee.

@Trent(guest) – Pshh, keep practicing and you’ll see results, believe me!!

@DarkLemon – LOL RIGHT I’ve drawn so many Dakota butts already in this comic, Kennedy needs to have a butt moment.

@count the stars – Gosh, thank you for saying so. We adore having such cute fans. v w v <3 And I know, they’re pretty intense boots. I would give up trying to take them off tho AHAHA

@PDG – okay so this comment made me laugh really hard. THANKS FOR READING INDIGENTS DRUNK AHAHAHA but also I’m glad it could make you happy fff

@Claude – More than happy to answer your question! Cass and I chose to list Indigents as Action/Horror/Science Fiction because that describes the comic generally. We wanted to take an apocalyptic setting (technically post-apocalyptic, but regardless) and put our own spin on it, and we hope to accomplish that with Indigents. We didn't want to draw people in only expecting romance, which might inadvertently narrow the reader’s expectations, and instill preconceptions about the story. Listing the comic as romantic seemed too restrictive for the story we have written, as it deviates from what is traditionally romantic.

As for their relationship, you’ll just have to wait and see! Sorry to be a tease. <3
December 8th, 2012
dakota gets sassy and mr axey gets scurry!
November 13th, 2012
response post
@TheSerialPanda - Thank you, thank you! <33

@Bursyamo - LOL thats it, you've figured out the story of indigents. its about dudes and cute boots (and maybe some apocalyptic stuff thrown in too). And thank you! the layout was a struggle for both me and Cass but the end result is something I'm proud of. ;v; I'm glad you can feel the tension/fear through Kennedy too!

@Shark - AHAHAH "AXEY" ahjdhasjk.

@WishingGirl - He is hereby dubbed Axey, Mr. Fancy Boots, or Freckles. Take your pick. LOL

@streetwalker - Ahhh, I'm so happy you like the layout. ;v; And you're pretty much spot on for Dakota, too. In an apocalyptic world, Dakota has adapted a lot to survive as long as he has. I'm glad you were able to interpret that from one panel!! <3

@ItsMeAlis - MR FANCY BOOTS AHAHAHAH and yes, place your bets now. Pretty boy vs pretty boy

@A v e r y - AHAHAHAH, well, we'll see...

@DarkLemon - Its Mr. Freckles vs Dr Purple Gloves, who will come out on top for prettiest.

@x-Ace-of-Spades-x - Cass did an amazing job with the lighting on this page!! ;v;

@Whitespirit - W-who?? AHA

@SomiJuli - You will find out!! <3

@Icee - Awww, well thank you so much for commenting, we're glad you decided to give our comic a read! and eeee, i'm glad you love both dakota and kennedy. <33
November 3rd, 2012
You know someones friendly when they carry two axes and a machete.

Sorry for the delay you guys, the lines took me forever for this page!! ;^; Hope you enjoyy~
October 13th, 2012
omfg i am not a bamf ya goober. BUT YEE NEW PAGE. kennedy gets an outfit change because who wears blood on their fur collar in the apocalypse. nobody, thats who

dont let kennedys fabulous outfit change distract you from that important last panel...........
September 23rd, 2012
response post
@A v e r y - right? im always so excited to see the final from cass, week after week. the detailssss

@DarkLemon - Kennedy's probably sad because there is blood on the cute fluff of that jacket!! LOL no but really, its not every day you run across someone in the apocalypse who's /not/ crazy or planning on stealing everything you have and killing you after.

@Shark - Awww, thanks so much! I enjoyed adding in some perspective, wanted to try at a dynamic angleee, im glad you dig it. And yes! the new banner! ITS SO MUCH BETTER aha. thanks for reading every week ;v;

@coloradogirl86 - ahah eventually!! poor kennedy

@Umbilical Noose - ahahahah! dakota so far has been compared to a lion, wolf, and now...a kitty. adorable ahahah.

@FlyingPencil - Right? Dakota's not very good at social interactions to begin with, and now with blood loss and medicine he's like, yep lets stop chatting now ahahah. Poor kennedy's like awww man youre the first person ive seen in months who's not crazy. (and thank youuu! we're really happy with the new banner :>> )
September 15th, 2012
AHHHHHHHH i love her attitude so much, she is adorable. and her wild hair?! i love. I AM SO OBSESSED WITH THIS ALREADY

ALSO i meant to say your panel layouts?? so good. each page flows seamlessly!
September 15th, 2012
look at how gorgeous cass transitioned the colors from dusk to night!! the two of them look so cute, gosh. things are about to get exciting coming up~
August 25th, 2012
Bloodloss and Dakota do not mix well.

(and oh Dakota, YOU DONT EVEN KNOW)
I love how youre handling the start of this! Eeee so hooked already, can't wait for the next update!! <3
August 15th, 2012
response post
@AlternateName - It will be revealed within the story in a chapter or so, its meant to be a little confusing. :> (or you can get your answer by visiting Cass and mine's tumblrs, but there are spoilers there, just so you knoww~)

@mewmewramazika - Nursing is a gender neutral job, thank youu~

@streetwalker - Thank youuu, your comment is so nice amg. ;v; And yes, they're getting along for now AHA. And I agree, Cass has been doing an amazing job handling the lighting on these pages. Its supposed to be dusk with firelight, and she's handling it marvelously, I think.

@coloradogirl86 - ;>

@SovereignSavage - Aww, you are too nice. <33 And thank you, I enjoyed arting the first panel because expressions are easier than blank faces for me fff.

@DarkLemon - Aww thank you and AHAHAH. I'm glad to hear you get excited for updates! <33

@XxiEmoLysaxX - He can't be tamed!!

@anonymouswut (guest) - Ahhh, thank youuu! ;v; We love to hear that the story is engaging, because I feel like the art comes second to telling a compelling story, you know? But thank you so much for battling your nerves (I'm the same way!!) and posting a comment! I really appreciate the feedback.

@FlyingPencil - It will be revealed in time, just like Dakota's scar! :> The apocalypse leaves a mark on everyone, basically.

@p-each - Aww, I'm glad you love the characters!! I ove them too, and thats what makes creating this story so fun.

@SomiJuli - :> their names suit them, i think
August 15th, 2012
@buddhaalex (guest) - good observation! a lot of time has passed since the liquor store incident, and yeah, cities are a big no-no when traveling alone. Dakota was never big in to fashion or material things even before the apocalypse, but its definitely more convenient now just to wear the same clothes rather than scavange for new stuff. aka dakota's a scrub LOL

@kurokidoki - Aw thanks so much! ;v; I'm a big fan of apocalypse stories too, glad you're liking it so far~

@MegaAnimeFreak7 - LOL yep theyre finally talking about things other than bear traps.

@SomiJuli - oh man that would be hilarious but dr purple gloves gets a nice androgynous name instead AHA. and Cass does an excellent job on the backgrounds, her trees and lighting are always stunning. ;v;
Ahh! What a great opening page!! So excitedd *v*
August 6th, 2012
response post
@yaya_koshiya - i had to look that up, dere dere. but LOL yeah i guess a little blood loss makes dakota slip into a more talkative (unintentionally flirtatious) mood?

@XxiEmoLysaxX - Cleaning blood off skin is easier than gloves, so Kennedy didn't really have a choice ahaha. I ALWAYS laugh at your dakota comments! he hails from the land of badasses, where they are as aggressive as they are stupid. and dude, Dakota's jeans are a mystery.

@Conrii - Oh no, you haven't missed anythin, don't worry! ;v; Technically its still Dr Purple Gloves because they haven't been properly introduced. People who follow Cass and mine's tumblrs know both their names already though.

@SketchJelly - aw, well thanks for giving us a second chance! <3 Its more gorey than it is spooky. I'm glad you found us again too, thanks for the sweet comment!! ;v;
July 28th, 2012
Dakota is not handling blood loss very well. BUT OH GOSH I WONDER WHAT THE NURSES NAME COULD BE..................

(i write the worst author comments AHA ENJOY THE NEW PAGE!! <33)
July 23rd, 2012
@Conrii - OH MY GOSH, THAT'S SO BADASS AND CRAZY. I find scars so endearing, no matter how ridiculous the story. It’s a funny observation, but I know a lot of friends that have injured themselves while drunk too, and the...resourcefulness of a drunk person is truly extraordinary LOL.

As for the Dakota’s age, he’s actually 23! He stayed back a couple years between elementary, middle, and high school, and he was only a sophomore in college when the disease outbreak happened.
July 17th, 2012
Response post
@Conrii - Aww thanks. And WHOA! Did you?! Thats so intense.

@Namuu - Yeah, that bear trap did a number on Dakota's leg!

@goblin - Right?>! Cass did an amazing job coloring the page. And thanks! <33

@Draumur - Cass did a great job rendering this page, definitely. And thanks! <33

@Kana - Aww, thanks so much! ;v;

@Stella - hjshdaj so glad you think sooo. <33 And LOL thats so cute. Dakota would appreciate crushes, I think ahaha

@Bursyamo - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUU <333 youre too adorable

@koenma - Aww thanks ;v;
July 17th, 2012
@NauticalDame - Thanks! <3 And a page takes a while, actually. I say for me, the thumbnailing of panels takes about an hour or two, not straight though. I tend to do it over several days as panel ideas come to me. And then lining the page usually takes anywhere from 6 to (oh god it was horrifying) 25 hours. It depends on if I run into art frustrations. For Cass, I want to say coloring a page takes 12+ hours? It depends on the level of rendering, plus backgrounds, from page to page. :>> So definitely 30+ hours per page.
July 17th, 2012
response post
@wolf* - Ahaha feel free to lurk <33 And yesss, that pout was probably my favorite part on this page, next to Dakota being all fierce fff