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No they are over 9000
Boi emotions are good to have and i just like how flare is being so calm and responsible like a adult unlike his normal self
Hey flare has become friends with the virus as in he has the ability to control the power boost he is given
I’m back and caught up
*brain explodes from wanting to know so much*
Idk what will happen I’m justa waitin for the next comic to come out
Happy New Years also who thinks that a huge event is about to happen
What will happen next NO ONE KNOWS
Well kris messed up and flare is gonna beat the crap outta her
Has anyone ever thought that kris might meet a new character that she falls for
@AirRaid boii you just sit and stare at World of warships all day long I know that for a fact
Poofy boofy (L8games speak) now = solar flare