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NOTE TO ALL: I am currently ONLY writing/making strips for Downward Spiral, all my other comics are on hiatus and set to be deleted from Smackjeeves once I've back up the originals on my PC
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Yup, that's gonna ruin your day.
Or at least that his food SHOULDN'T be alive when he does...
Yeees, has anyone else noticed the striking similarity between Daniel and Megaman/Rock? I say IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!!
All friends? Maybe...that or Kirby'll come in and eat everyone in the last comic...

@Firan: Hehe, revenge at last
Nice work as always... can't believe it's taken 340 comics before I actually bloody commented =P
Alternate Ending
Yep, there is one for this comic, holding it back in case I ever need a filler =D
Seven months since the last one... geez...
If that's practice 2, then what the heck was practice 1? Oh, wait, it's the previous comic...feel kinda stupid now.

Back on SmackJeeves after...7 months? (Too long -.-), so kinda surprised that most of the stuff on my favourites is still I've just got to get MY old comic started up again.

Oh yeah, and nice job on that, by the way, looks good =P
Hehe, I had prepared this for Christmas Eve/Day, but my computer crashed on the 23rd, and I've only just had it repaired. So, a *small* edit seemed necessary.

Hope you had a good Christmas everybody.

PS. The original is here:
Wow, a whole storyline in 24 hours. The Counterattack storyline is now finished, next one's coming tomorrow. Enjoy :D
Personally, I love the facial expressions in this one, especially Tails'
I think I'll get Kirby's last line on a t-shirt XD
4th comic today (Let's hear it for a week's holiday!), and I finally finished the "Misguided" one's coming tomorrow :P
Okay, sorry for the week's delay, swine flu...
Wrong castle ^_^

If you get it, you get it, if not...meh...
Okay, new comic...and it's a bit of a cliche, I admit. Custom pages should be up today and tomorrow.
August 24th, 2009
Nice comic, looks promising. Fav'd :)