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hello peoples!!!! i <3 you all!! you will all become my friends and help me to domiinate the world!!! mwahahaha!!! jk XD
i love anime, manga, ice skating, dancing, cooking, hanging w/ friends, and softball.
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OMG I need more!!!!! I want Melody, Liam, and Ed to all be together!! 0_0 hahaha
i need more!!! what happens next?!?!? you kill me with your cliffhangers!!
yay!! ur not dead!!!! XD
*chants* soapoperasoapoperasoapopera!!! haha i love this comic!! keep up the good work!!
yay!!! :D that has made my day, or er.. night!! lol love your comic!!
first coment woo!!!
i can't wait to see the next update!! i wonder what elliot's hiding?? *dun dun duuun!* XD
oo noos!! i think zak's gonna try to hurt liana for not kissing him!! aaaahhhh!!
i agree with blackcatz, kai does look like a lost puppy!! :D
yeahhhhhh update!!! :DDD and i think that you draw wonderfully!!
beat his a** richard!!
haha now you're in for it mr. devril!! haha lol! XD
they what!?!? they what!?!? *jumps up and down like an eager little girl* XD
omg needs new update!!!!
kiss her already!! she's right there in front of you saying that she basically loves you!!! kiss her kiss her kiss her!! why must you torture us soo girl-in-the-rain!!! so many almost kissing scenes yet nooo kiss!! *kills self from suspense*
say it already!! say i love you and could never hate you!! then give him the most passionate kiss EVER!!!!!!!!! *dies of spazz attack*
lol did he just faint!?!? hahahahaha *dies of laughter*
haha i read this right before you updated. i told my friend to read this, and i was talking to her about how i didnt think he could kill her and she's like he already said he couldnt so i had to come and read the last page and and and... YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYSSS!!!!!!!!
i can't take it anymore!! the suspense is killing me!!! *shoots self* XP
February 23rd, 2009
omg!! alladin was real!!!!! 0_0
haha i love this comic its sooo funny!! XD
i love the new look i havent been on in forever so i got a nice surprise today! haha poor bunny-kid XD