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stewna @tumblr
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I so look forward to sundays hehehe
I am a mess of indescribable feels right now swear

uuuugh keep up the good work
a new pagggeee yay C:

agh shit bro I love your arts ;u;
if you don't update soon
I will eat my arm in pure anxiety for a new page
March 4th, 2012
oh woah
hahahahahaha it ended how I wanted it to, did not see that coming

thanks for all your hard work, enjoyed the riiiide~
February 18th, 2012
I really I just I really
want no one
to end up with anyone
like for reals

like I want
a happy friendship ending

wishful thinking
I kno
November 25th, 2011
the end! c:
ugh man I know the feeling. :c it is totally understandable!

Well, I will miss this comic, but good luck in all your future endeavors! :D if you decide to draw any new comics, I will definitely be reading!
September 17th, 2011
omfg tsuki ditch this popsicle stand they ain't worth this shit man brother or otherwise
September 2nd, 2011
trololol is it okay that I love her? she probably won't even be important but I love her okay.

liking this so faaar~ I mean, it's not very far in yet but it's already so promising! :D
why don't I have money right now. ;A;

I will be ordering theeeeeeseee
lalalala~ :D
long time no see. C:
I hate it when the man-hand I am in love with turns out to be a zombie. >:1
this is so bittersweet!! I'm sad to see it end, but happy to have a resolution.
thank you for all of your time and dedication to this project, I loved it so much! it brought me a lot of inspiration...
although the ending was rather abrupt, I still loved the story overall, it's probably my favorite comic on sj~

I eagerly await your next project! I love sci-fi~~ and personally, as I've always pictured a sad ending for henry and richard in my head, and I would love to see how it actually played out in the future, sad or not.

and if you ever print this, I will definitely buy it!!

I don't know what to do with myself now... Cloe being finished seems so unreal! XD well guess I'll reread it~
ohmygod liam XDD what a bamf

s-s-six pages... aaaaa I am full of mixed emotions. I normally really like to see things come to an end but this one, I just, I'll miss it so much...!! ;A;
I want you know that Cloe is my very favorite comic on sj, and it's one of my favorite comics at all, and it was probably the most inspiration of anything for my creating my own comics... asdfghjkl thank you for all your hard work on this and making such a spectacular story~~ OTL

gotta draw fan art before it's over. >:|
yayayaya it's melody~~!! she's so prettyyy~ and that dress~ *w*
Oh my god not a father-son reunion, are you trying to make me cry? only the three panels but it is so heartwarming baaaawwww

I'm so glad Fleur and Edmund are married~~ ;w; I was hoping that would happen since back when we learned Fleur liked him.
Oh gosh his shojo bubbles. XD

Well, at least Ed seems to be feeling guilty... <:V