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They both punched him at the same time and he was only annoyed by it.
Jolteon had no idea what he was doing or what was going on. I don’t think it’s his fault. He shouldn’t have been punched.
If she fell out of bed, then she would have hit the books under her.
He also judged the book by its cover. Don’t do that.
Almost first. Three minutes late
He was talking about two different Pokémon. The one he loved was leafeon and the one he was doing it for. The girlfriend example was sylveon. Therefore he is doing it for leafeon.
@TheSerperior: No. He was talking about leafeon. When they left, leafeon told him to take care of glaceon. In this time, jolteon still likes leafeon.
In the panel with the couples, it shows glaceon in the background but not jolteon, even though he is siting next to her.
Anyone realize how many books she read? It looks like the entire Harry Potter series.
2 pages in a row. That’s pretty good.
espeon says "you can look after each other"

I say "OF COURSE they can." (very sarcastic voice)
when is the next page coming out?
@TheSerperior: i think it means he wants lazul to lock speed in somewhere,
Yassss!! (cat memes)
That leafeon Brian is trouble