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Hee! at dinner-deprived T.

I really like how bright she is!
Eep! Damashii, T thinks you look totally delicious. MORE DELICIOUS THAN CHOCOLATE.

I love everything about this page. Especially T's mouth. -_-
T is so pretty! I hope he doesn't request anything too traumatizing.
Damashii! T! I'm so excited to see these guys again! I surprisingly only had to go back a few pages to refresh my memory on what was going on - this story has stuck with me pretty well.
Yay! It's good to see that you're still working on this comic. ^_^
Hi Ed!

Love, love the sharks. But rows of sharp teeth always make me happy. :)
I did not mean to cause you anguish! But there is only the one woman in here thus far...or. Or there's not cause I'd forgotten that Belle has the female family members and such. Oi, I'm such a doof. But, when there is a charactar with intro lines like "listen up you slugs! [...]You're all gonna die!" who else could that lovely lady be? I fail, I'm sorry!

This page rocks, by the way. It's likely that I'll be staring at it a while.
Love Shrew in the last panel. And in all the panels. Belle too.

Can't believe I didn't recognize circus guy though. :(

Am liking that there's a sword involved here.
Facescarfguy is a guy? Are you sure?

And Shrew WOULD get a smile out of Belle. He's a little bit adorable like that.

I want to know who that crouching being is...

ETA: I got a smackjeeves account just so I could favorite this. Oi.