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    Miname Changes Evriday
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i have paint and a mouse what do you expect
haah,,,ahah,,,,totally,,not reusing,,,
Excuse the messiness ty unu
most anime eyes ive drawn in a while
im sorry that his wings suck ill fix it later
-Name: Aetius
-Age: 19
-Gender: Male
-Species: Kind of an avian boy i guess?
-Height: 5'9
-Weight: 159 + 100lb wings
-Occupation: he makes trinkets and weapons
-Current Residence: doesn't have one anymore
-Appearance: Has a lot of freckles.
-Hobbies: Making weapons yay
-Personality: Bashful, blushy. Easily embarrassed.
-Abilities: Very good with his hands, he's talented with weapons
-History: He used to live in a small village of other avians, but he left for a few days and once he returned no one was there oh no.

(i'll rewrite these later im sorry they suck ogmg)
how do you draw
-Name: Viola
-Age: Arounnd 18
-Gender: Female
-Species: Slime Girl
-Height: Varies (In her main form though she's about 5'4ish)
-Weight: ,,,,imnotsurehowmuchslimewithorganswouldweigh
-Occupation: /
-Current Residence: idk man
-Appearance: She's surprisingly solid? She's still appears squishy but she won't cave in if you poke her, in this form at least.
-Hobbies: She people watches a lot
-Personality: She's pretty flirtatious, but gets really embarrassed at anything sexual. She prefers things her way. Charismatic, loves people
-Abilities: She can slightly change form, which is actually just her kind of melting in a way. The most significant thing she can do is solidify and form her left arm into a weapon of some sort. She's also quite talented with various poisons.
-History: She was created by a group of people ig but she just kind of got bored and wandered off.
i f you guys dont accept my application i wil sett you on fire do you haer me
no i promise he wasnt supposed to look like a chool boy
sorry for the worst reply efur
your home now and you never posted them /sobs quietly
idk why theres 2 different styles going on here but there is.