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i really really hope you're alright. i know the election was a drain on a lot of us. we're all pulling for you.
hahah that chick in the back in the second-to-last panel looks like meenah
hhhwooop and the abusive relationship comes full circle
awww dang. it was super fuckin' cool to see these reposted, but i forgot how much the circumstances of the delete sucked!! :(
WHOA it's the comic i appear in for exactly one panel would you look at that!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh oh my gosh! This comic was just recommended to me, and I'm already in love. It's beautiful. /clutches cheeks
oh HO ho HO. Do I smell some lady lovin'? I really hope so.
wow what a rapey coercive asshole
....huh. shit. when wiley's journal turned up all full of hate i didn't even think it might indicate something wrong with /him/, or his mental health, specifically. dang. fuck. depression and anxiety and mental stuff manifests differently in different people, but. dang.
@The_Hankerchief: sob why would you say that

but gr8 page jesus christ i love this comic i cannot even articulate the ways
wow, what a douche.
@Gibson Twist: Aaaa! So I am! Can't believe I missed that one, ahaha. All the cameos are so cool!
Yay! My cameo! :D And on such a perfect page, haha.
Hahaha! That's alright, I thought oral sex was kissing when I was younger. It was for about the same reasons you did- I knew what 'oral' meant- it meant 'of the mouth' and 'sex' meant close contact, at least, that's what I thought it meant.

So I thought oral sex meant, like, hot-n-heavy kissing.
>Sugar Hunny


Also these two just need to get back together and fuck and also Varya needs to dumb Xiu because there's only room for ONE big-boob'd character in JH (and that is Morrigan)
I am confused. I thought Adrian hated David now...? I mean, I just read the short story. That left him and David on pretty bad terms, didn't it?