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Why i am I taking time to Wright this again *in the distance* Becuse you have no life! Makes sense
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Happy seventeen day late bday moxie
Well high enough snow is like super comfy.
@MyGaeToastBae: weird story in the extras on this website there a hunger games thing with namis characters. I did it and the first death was gumdrop killing mochi.

Marzipan won by the way.
@Just shapes n beats: well most of the time people like that don t know when to stop or think the world revolves around them. But moxie and toffee think of others and aren't mean.they're arrogance comes from them not careing what others think not that every one loves them.
@ToastBae: what are you talking about? It's cannon!!!
@MyGaeToastBae: oh no I'm late
Now we need to remember April 30th for treats birthday
I love how there bolth just screaming in the end
@Foxey: wahaha i have seen it
Sad ending music plays
You could make some decent memes with that second panel pastile *coffe* poffin *me at 6 am*
Yeeees thanks that makes a lot of sense
and wow you even kept in the grammar fail stupid auto correct
I tried so hard to make like a jingle from proxie moxie
@NomnomNami: good because gumdrop like a child
Is he nervous about answering period of just in front or gumdrop