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Why i am I taking time to Wright this again *in the distance* Becuse you have no life! Makes sense
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@Just shapes n beats: well most of the time people like that don t know when to stop or think the world revolves around them. But moxie and toffee think of others and aren't mean.
@ToastBae: what are you talking about? It's cannon!!!
@MyGaeToastBae: oh no I'm late
Now we need to remember April 30th for treats birthday
I love how there bolth just screaming in the end
@Foxey: wahaha i have seen it
Sad ending music plays
You could make some decent memes with that second panel pastile *coffe* poffin *me at 6 am*
Yeeees thanks that makes a lot of sense
and wow you even kept in the grammar fail stupid auto correct
I tried so hard to make like a jingle from proxie moxie
@NomnomNami: good because gumdrop like a child
Is he nervous about answering period of just in front or gumdrop