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Too lazy to post anything here~ >_>'
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an update *O*
I'd read it too o/
*likes almost all kinds of manga*
ah, it's ok~ ^^' it'll be fine as long as you post XD
sad Tsukiko makes me sad .-.
what a cuuuute page *O*
they are so pretty in the first and second panels :3
well, I'm not one of those who unfaved ^^ Cloe Remembrance is awesome *O*
ah~ and Henry's shoujo-ish panel is so cute :3
ah~ I've missed your comic ><
and this page is so cute :3
awww~ third panel is cuuute~<3 and so is the necklace!
Ah~ I'm so happy I found Cafe Alladin again *O*~ *favs*
Moe is soooo cute~<3
waaah~ *-* what a cute cover!
I love their wings and the CCS-based theme :3
*dying of a cuteness overdose* <3
this story gets better and better with every new page
Jade looks so sexy on 2nd panel *O*~<3
this scene is just so pretty ;^;
what a jerk ><
I so wanna punch him now~ >_>
yep~ really really cute x3
awww~ Satoshi-kun's smile~<3 (yeah, I know he was talking about Tsukiko's but... I just feel my heart skipping a beat when I see Satoshi's x3)
I hope that she doesn't mean about their relationship as lovers... but as close friends XD
you better not touch her again!! ¬¬
or -I'm- gonna f**ckin' kill ya! ò_o
uh-oh... o_o'' listen to what she says, Tsukiko-chan ></

ah, I can't see anything bad with them x3 they both look so cute!
Oh please, don't mind us~ XD We like feeling dizzy @w@

words cannot explain how cute they are ;-; *tears of joy*
yeah Henry, really *_____* ... but you still have pneumonia o.o

Richard loves him so badly ;-; It melts my heart...
she's not ugly ;-;
as BlackCatz said, your girls are so pretty <3
Oh, everything's going so fast o.o will we have some kind of flashback? I wanted to know how did they get so close .-.