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I love almost everything realated to nintendo. Even though I may not be as good at drawing as most people, I've seen that you don't care about art style, but about the story that we tell. So I am very happy to be here!
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    Ellis Rebholz
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As seen on tv
Introducing, my wife fluff! Can hold 3 times the amount of items the normal backpack can hold and also a great pillow
Looks like black has his moment
CC is being hanged out to dry
Well, Mrs. Mollie...
If you had to know, your children are in the exact same room you are.
Oh gosh Lazuli!
Oh, um, sorry to point this out, but, um, in the second panel your eyes are blue ladybugs.

To PKM-150
I am so jealous of your talent! You inspired me to come up with my own comic, called pokemon daycare, so thanks!
Pikadex magic
February 11th, 2019
@Moon the shiny umbreon: hey,your one of the people that read eveelution squad. Fancy to meet you here
sorry, I ment try in that. But it's DELICIOS
Your welcome! To everyone who hasn't, tried it! It's very tasty
I like fried rice to!
I think Speed punched himself in the face because he doesn't feel that way about Sylvia. Remember, he told Black that he didn't know what Black saw in Sylvia.
I know that this is a flash back. I'm just saying that were close to get there ship cannon, that's all.
Don't give up the ship now, were so close to having a cannon Speed x Lazuli ship!
Yeah, and its especially weird when your secret admirer is always suplexing you
He almost said "for a person I love", does that he already caught all his feelings for Lazuli!
I can just se lazuli's mind, freaking out because she gets to spend the whole day with her crush
My outer self: hmm, nice

I don't know why, but there's just something here that just reals me in, like how a good video game or cartoon connects you with the characters and there feelings. It's just like your there, and I love seeing how many adults are out there, still loving the pokemon and eveelution sqaud.
Am I the only one checking on for ground because we all know the time is comming