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Heyo I’m Minty!
I like to draw things, I post my drawings n stuff on my tumblr instead of here tho.
If I randomly take a hiatus it’s most likely bc of school asdfgh.
Uhhh i have no idea what to put in descriptions so yea thats its.

My old acc is xLollyx btw!
i had the page prepared and I still forgot,, whoops

The next few pages should take less time to make, so I’ll be able to build up my buffer again and keep working on thumbnails, whooo
200 fans!!
Thanks for the 200 fans (and nearly 300 readers,,,,, wow)!!!
I enjoy making and planning this comic and I’m glad other people enjoy reading it too!
@MazXZ: I just discovered them recently! Lotsa fun to play around with.

(lol dw i thought it was funny)
I had to go back and edit the last 2 pages bc i forgot Nia’s bandages,, whoops,,,
Accidentally missed an update, sorry!
Also, might change to only posting once a week - we’ll see what happens.

I’ve also realized most of the buildings in this comic look like weird giant cakes, whoops asdfg
Guess who spent all day on a plane whoo
Some art of Eva instead of an update cos personal life whoops asdfg
Will delete later when the next page is posted btw
Edit: everyone's asking so I'll just move it to another section, I probably would have forgotten about it anyways so dw lol
@Darvin: pfft i cant believe i spelt it wrong 3 times.
Fixed it, thanks!
You can tell this is the page where I started getting more used to the palette lol
Whoops I disappeared again but anyways
I keep forgetting to make pages and then keep forgetting to post them so I’m just trying to,,, not,, do that asdfg
I made these names years ago and got too attached to change them asdf
@DarkFlameOSecrets: oh my you’re right, I’m never realized that pfff
Changed the art style a bit hhh anyways we’RE BACK
Turns out that hiatus was way longer than I thought it’d be whoops.
But it’s ok I’m finally back!!
This doesn’t feel like chapter 1 bc the prologue was,,,, way longer than I hoped it’d be and not really a prologue but ah well
Boop boop hiatus
Schools gettin stressful and I haven’t had time to make comics so I’m going on hiatus for a while !!
I don’t know how long it’ll be for, maybeeeeee 3 weeks?

I’m hoping to have maybe 5 pages ready when I come back so I won’t get too worried each update about not having another page ready oof

Anyways see ya’ll in a few weeks!!
Aaand we’re done
This prologue was,,,, extremely long asdgh

I was looking at the last panel of this page vs the last panel of page 2 and there’s a surprising amount of improvement already :0 this comic was a good idea asdfhjl
@Hardychuckle: pfff yea, I came up with these names years ago and just....... never was bothered to change them ajsba
2 more pages and the prologues finished,,,,, finally,,,,,
Can’t believe Derek’s dead
I uploaded this extremely late cos I kept forgetting about it asdf