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Heyo I’m Minty!
I like to draw things, I post my drawings n stuff on my tumblr instead of here tho.
If I randomly take a hiatus it’s most likely bc of school asdfgh.
Uhhh i have no idea what to put in descriptions so yea thats its.

My old acc is xLollyx btw!
Whoops I disappeared again but anyways
I keep forgetting to make pages and then keep forgetting to post them so I’m just trying to,,, not,, do that asdfg
I made these names years ago and got too attached to change them asdf
@DarkFlameOSecrets: oh my you’re right, I’m never realized that pfff
Changed the art style a bit hhh anyways we’RE BACK
Turns out that hiatus was way longer than I thought it’d be whoops.
But it’s ok I’m finally back!!
This doesn’t feel like chapter 1 bc the prologue was,,,, way longer than I hoped it’d be and not really a prologue but ah well
Boop boop hiatus
Schools gettin stressful and I haven’t had time to make comics so I’m going on hiatus for a while !!
I don’t know how long it’ll be for, maybeeeeee 3 weeks?

I’m hoping to have maybe 5 pages ready when I come back so I won’t get too worried each update about not having another page ready oof

Anyways see ya’ll in a few weeks!!
Aaand we’re done
This prologue was,,,, extremely long asdgh

I was looking at the last panel of this page vs the last panel of page 2 and there’s a surprising amount of improvement already :0 this comic was a good idea asdfhjl
@Hardychuckle: pfff yea, I came up with these names years ago and just....... never was bothered to change them ajsba
2 more pages and the prologues finished,,,,, finally,,,,,
Can’t believe Derek’s dead
I uploaded this extremely late cos I kept forgetting about it asdf
Lusion Forest has a Tumblr!
Here it is!
It’ll be used as an ask blog so if you have any questions for the cast (or me fsr) you can ask it there!
It’ll be used for other things related to the comic too, like updates or spoilers or smth.
I wanted to make a blog when we reached 100 fans and we did it!!! So I did!!!!!! And we nearly have 300 readers somehow thanks!!!!!!!!

Ill probs announce this in the news thing so i can have 1 news post ,,,,, fstfjgjf
@comercole: whoop smackjeeves signed me out. But yea I just hope the fire-type doesnt evolve into another fire- fighting-type ajsba
I have finished the thumbnails for the prologue!!! Its like 23 pages long which is way too many pages for a prologue ,,,,,
If I finish the prologue I might post more often to get it outta the way,,, and then probably take a small hiatus to make more pages and cos schools stressful pff
But we’ll seeeee
@SeahDaLunatic: AH, you’re right. Thanks for telling me asdfg
I’ve realised the prologue is 20+ pages long, which is way to long for a prologue but too short to be an actual chapter. Soooo I guess this is more of a Chapter 0 than prologue asdfgh

Just realized I made a typo (*trick not trip) asdfgh I'll try fixing it when I can!
Sorry for not responding to comments, i have no idea what to say to them asdfg
I'll probs make a blog or ask blog for Lusion Forest, but I wanted to do it after chapter 1..... then realized it'll be a while till the whole prologue is posted,,, hh we'll see
We've reached 50 fans and 100 readers??? How?????? Thank you all so much we're only on the 4th page asdgh
Thank you guys for all the nice comments! I didnt think I’d get so many already aaa
yay i tried making the pages smaller cos they were too big asdsf
Also the updates might be on Tuesday - Friday instead of Wednesday - Saturday depending where you live.
It's currently Saturday for me so yea