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So Cool
I love to read and play computer and Playstation games. I love to watch movies and that's how I discovered that Final Fantasy was a movie aslo ^^ So cool. Cloud is so cute! Anyway. I love green and I love chattin!!! I love to play on my PSP more but I love to try new things!!!

P.S. Try this game...

Haven't really played it but I'm about to try ^^
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    Amita Wonghoon
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aha XD
thx a bunch XD

now i know why you think that Scorpia is everyone's fangirl
but, seriously...
you do rock XD

the speech bubble tutorial is really cool
XD molotov cocktails XD
who'd have thought
apparently you did...
or was that dk??

XD and i've found someone else who likes rum!! XD (appart from Toshimi Chan)
yay XD
so i can join with sonic sprites right??
jecht is...awesome
yea, what Aqua_Steel said
i'm guessing the coach is Shinra Rufus XD
oh wait....nah, it's Shinra....only reasonable person XD
Zidane looks hawt!!
Love ur comic,
still faved, even though you took like forever to update (no offence)
Luv the last panel too ^w^
The way u draw hair is awesome =3
I wish I coul draw hair like that...
Mine looks so messed up TT_TT
fav+ anyway ^^
to RandomGlompGirl:
female instinct, girl...dont ignore it
*happy gasp*
*dances and giggles like crazy*
Havn't been commenting much but im back and i luv the kissy!! ed's whole face is red!!
plz hurry, (but without messing it up {hey you said it OwO}) but don't take too long, were are all waiting for the new Silvarta and I wont stop checking for it!!! faved faved faved faved faved faved faved faved faved faved faved faved faved faved faved faved ^^ ^^ ^^ >.> <.<
ponytail's back!!!!!!!! yaynesss!!!!!!
^w^ so coooooolll!!!!!! he touches his shoulder and it turns back!!!!
faved!!!!! #1!!!
i'd luv to make my hair into a sword too, but my hair is too short TT_TT but anyways, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeazzzzz explain about Zenon >.<
ponytail!!!!! *wails*
not the ponytail!!!
luv ur art!! sword into ponytail!!
how cool is that??
ZOMG!! They know each other?!?!?!? >.>
*laughs like crazy and dies from exaustation*
Cereal Killer!! OMG!!!
that is so funny
giid pun BTW!!!
button, plz work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TT__TT It didn't work!!!!
and plz explain wats a Kouken
So Cool!!
Switching bodies!!
Did I mention it was
so cool???
^w^ ^w^ ^w^
No idea of what just happened, but the manga is fab!!
But more color would make it easier to tell who's dragon is who's
Cool Update>w<
more plz *suspense*
Seph will never believe that excuse *no offence*
"especially if that girl is......"????
o_o Ohh the suspense is killing me..
So Cool
March 27th, 2008
^^i love it!!
and could anyone help me on how to put a
pic on my profile??
i'm a bit stuck