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I like cake
I like fruits
I like friends
I like my friends
I like my awesome friends
I love music
I like guitar
I like electric guitar
I like my electric guitar
I Love Yaoi <3 and puppies!
and... this is why you shouldn't smoke...
ahhh!!! priceless xD <3 i luv this page <3
September 13th, 2009
cute =D
LMAO!!!!!! XD haha “god fucking damit!!! my laundry... T.T" haha loving it <3
December 11th, 2008
oh no! =( he can't use/touch his necklace that his wife gave him! cuz he made a pact with the devil, right? DX That's so sad =(
uh oh...
lol he looks kute <3
uh ohs.....o.O
omfg! I LOVE YOUR COMIC!!! <3 if you publish it I'll totally buy it!!! Love your artwork!!! Richard + Henry = <3
omg your art is so cute and clean!!! *loves* <3~
right...foot ugly... sure...*sarcastic* =P LOVE YOUR ARTWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if that feet is ugly then i wonder what happens if you draw a pretty good foot =P
YAY!!! three Updates in a row(three days) YAY!! Love your art work!!! ty
pretty! and Cute~ XD but i'm a bit confused... -_-
rofl haha typical XD awesome comic so far~ ty
woohoo another update! YAY Heldrad =D TY!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Henry NO!!! omg omg omg he's goin to die *panics runs in a circle* omg omg omg =X Please don let Henry die!!! P.S This is the best comic ever!!!!
woohoo~ thats right! YAY!!! Go Jae!! at least thats wat i think his name is... o.0 Yay for update, too! loves the comic <3 =D your art got better YAY =D
haha XD omg i love the last two panels rofl