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Hi, my name is Jellyfishin! Maybe you might also recognize me by my other online handle, FinalVirucide (on deviantART and ArtRift), maybe not. In any case, welcome to my profile page!

I'm a hobbyist artisan crafter who's creativity runs on caffeine-fueled creative insomnia. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. :)
September 10th, 2019
That is one of the coolest fireball designs ever.
That candy description makes me think that monster candy is the monster equivalent of Jolly Rancher Sour Bites.
I have coworkers who were like Box. The place where I work has multiple floors, the coworkers one floor below always prepared their coffee using my floor's coffee stash without asking (there was one person they wanted to avoid on their floor, that's why they rarely used their stash). It got to the point where the coffee stash had to be under lock and key because the coffee stash began to get emptied in a matter of a few days. [Like, I know the coffee stash is technically out in the open to take, but we gotta know so at least we could restock accordingly.]
"To the coffee maker" was my mantra whenever I had to pull all-nighters finishing up projects. Hopefully their coffee maker has an espresso button, it looks like they might be in desperate need of it, lol.
@Guest: This comic is mostly Mettaton-heavy, so no Ink!Sans, but Ink!MTT will be making an appearance at some point.
This page made me laugh out loud. I love Alphys's expressions at Mettaton's out-of-context comments. XD
Yay for lizard hugs. :3
@Guest: It's still there. The Underfell MTT comic was a rewrite of something older, so I moved it back towards the beginning where it's supposed to be chronologically.
@LKWayvern: You're welcome :) [Also, I have no idea why I wrote "flowers" previously. Either that, or maybe bad Kindle autocorrect is bad again].
I love that first panel design with the flowers. :D
Tsk tsk, shame on you Rui for stealing all those Jolly Meals while others need your help.
@marshman101: I'll be definitely posting more in the future.

Since you're a new fan: I update in bulk and it usually takes me a while before the next story is installed, so don't despair if the comic doesn't seem active for intermittent long periods of time. It's worth the wait. :)
@TailsDrawsJunk: Those panels were definitely the most fun to draw. I love ziznine's designs for this AU. :D
Oh, fooey, there's a glaring typo in Grillby's dialogue. Gonna have to fix that later when I'm at my computer.
This be the start of Mettaton's many dejavu moments.
@LKWayvern: yes, indeedy! I like to sneak in my avatar every once in a while (there's a less-obvious cameo in if you missed it before and want to try and spot it).
@LKWayvern: yeah, I love ziznine69's interpretations for the other Swapfell-red characters (especially the Muffet in dreadlocks). It's a shame the other characters don't get as much fanart (although the Grillby version is somewhat popular in the Tumblr interwebz).
@UnlimitedMagic7: No worries, perfectly understandable (your reasoning is also the same reason why I do my comics in black-&-white as well, da struggle is real!). I look forward to reading the next pages and seeing this comic to it's conclusion. :)
Sonderengel - Dragged into an unknown world, Nib encounters a tiny Mettaton who isn’t at all what he seems to be.

Credit where credit is due: Keyttaton [left] by celestial-weiner-dog (tumblr), Lockaton [right] by lunarian-lucas (tumblr)

(*Note: there's a weird jump in art quality between this chapter and the previous chapter, "Calamus Est", because the previous chapter was a major revision of a work I did earlier. Apologies for the art quality drop here).
In case it's not clear, Nib basically undid the curtain sandbags to get them to fall on Grillby and his mafia cohorts, to raise up a plume of sand as make a quick getaway.

In hindsight, it probably would have been easier to draw Nib using a bomb as a smokescreen, but I'm too lazy to redo this page so I'm just going to pretend Nib didn't use one here because a bomb explosion would be too much.