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Digital Illustrator, occasional animator, and a sorry excuse for a writer, but I'm trying really hard guys! Likes varmints of all sorts.
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Congrats on 400!
It's super fun to study analytics for posting speed and such after you have so many updates, and also seeing the inconsistencies. here's to the rest of the story, oooh we're half way there! Livin on a prayer!!!
Aaaw XD
Koga working at a pokemart with an apron on is kinda cute XD And i probably am closer to their parents than the main characters at this point, its sad but true >w<

Anyway thanks for the birthday cameo!!!

Can people be duel type? Maybe he's a Dark Poison, which should be perfect for ninja.
Element of Death
Oooooh, I like this interpretation! Usually something like "poison" and "death" is seen as negative or evil, so I like that you make it more focused on tradition and the past instead
I really like elemental theory but maybe we shouldnt judge actual people based on that DOUG X3 that's like walking up to someone with a certain blood type and saying they definitely are a certain way based on japanese blood type horoscopes. wait, do people actually do that?
That serious anime face hahaha XDDDD
Thanks for the plug!
There's nothing i expected less than seeing Bruno at the top of a billion dollar company XD his face is such a mood, but at least he knows it XD
When You're the Best of Friends
I forgot to post this before the Lenora gym, which is where it technically goes, but I think it works here too. I'll move it later. It's just a little bonus comic I did about Jet and Cheren as kids and I think it's worth including it in with the actual pages.

I'm sure everyone knows the song it's based off of, if you dont a quick google search ought to jog your memory.
August Rush
Haha, I know his name isnt revealed until the next episode, but I had to. I got his name from an August Rush poster that I got for free, I love the poster but havent seen the movie. Also the episode is being posted in the month of August, it's too perfect. XD Sandiles gave me so much trouble to draw, it took me forever to land on this design for August, but I think it works really well. Their little feets. >w<
Desert Battle
That first panel is based on that scene in Fullmetal Alchemist where they get to the desert and make that face and it's hilarious.

At least Jet is smart enough to take her jacket off in the hot sun, but now she's gonna get sun burnt soooo

There's my boy! Firedog is fully evolved! Yaaay!
Insect Badge Get!
Not even a challenge > : 3
Plasma Hideout
I think Bianca comes across as a gentle lady, but she's quite the fighter when pushed. I love seeing her all pumped up and ready for action. Iris is here too! It's a shame she isnt the gym leader in Black.
Castelia City
>w< This place is so cool. When I was in college, we had to go to New York City to visit art museums and galleries at least five semesters. I loved walking around the city, and tried to channel that feeling into this filler episode. I think it's important to chill now and then and just let the characters have fun. : 3

The Painting of the Two Dragons is an artistic representation and not really what they look like. It's not like I redesigned them for this comic. I actually wanted it to be a lot more abstract, but my brain doesn't work that way.
Team Plasma
Meanwhile at the Plasma Hideout...
: 3c

While I could have played up the mystery of Ghetsis' true nature since neither Jet nor N knows about it, I figure anyone who's played the games would already know and it would be like no one is surprised at the reveal, so might as well play it out in the open. Maybe it'll help tell the story in a different way.
On the Road Again
Mission success, the dragon skull is retrieved, the museum is safe, and now we're back on track headed for Castelia City. The skull looks so much smaller than it probably should be, considering the display at the museum was so big XD oh well.

So Lenora is handing out goodies. I thought it was fun to have a character like her give out items that I had planned to play big roles in the future. We'll see if those plans come to fruition.
@InkyWolfz: lenora, keeper of dangerous items
@Gastly: he's a good boy!
Congratulations! AAAAH! I cant

I only just started reading your comic this year and instantly fell in love with it. I'm so glad I was able to read your last update on the exact day! Happy birthday Sasha and I'm so proud of you for finishing the comic! This was such a great way to end it, ringing the bell for all our lost friends.

Sasha and Ghetsis have the same eye scar, I kinda wondered if that was a connection. i guess it really was just a childhood scrape XD

Thank you so much for the adventure!
I have to say, I love reading this right after rereading the first few chapters, so that when Gary said his life flashed before his eyes I had just seen a flashback XD

Those last two panels are so good, I can almost see it at the end of a movie. You can almost hear the music swell as the wind blows through his hair. Gary is such a good boy. I love that he trusted Sabi enough to stake his life on that trust, but even when he thought maybe it was misplaced he didnt regret it.
ToT so emotional!
I love it when Gary has a different expression from angry eyebrows, it's a rare sighting!

I love that you dont give her back her eyesight. I'm kinda tired of the "disabled person loses their disability to symbolize character growth" trope, and her problems go much deeper than just her blindness. She needs to realize just gaining her eyesight is not going to make her normal. It's not going to wipe away her past.

Also are you implying that Mew was Mewtwo? Or does Mewtwo share Mew's memories? Or is Sabi just mixing the two in her mind because of their same aura?