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I'm Li! [they/them] Hellbound Guardian is my comic. I talk about Monster Hunter a lot. One of my life goals is to touch a crocodile.
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    Li Zard
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@YAOMTC: Hopefully soon! I'm working on it actively atm, but I'm trying Something™ so it might still be a few weeks out. I will never quit though, of that much I am certain >:U!!
*mickey mouse voice* it's a surprise tool that will help us later!

BASICALLY my last living grandparents were both recently diagnosed with cancer, and I've been taking turns grandmasitting for my mom. On top of that my desktop PC is dying and can't really run my art program anymore lol. So, I only get work done on my laptop, which is at grandma's and hooked up to my smaller tablet which has a weird color calibration (so if my colors are slightly off, that's why).

BUT YEAH not dead, just busy with that. Life sure has its ways of being a TOTAL SACK OF CRAP
BIGGEST MOOD re: secret passages though, like for real. I always think spooky narnia holes in a house would be LIT to discover and then i'm like "k but if there's even a HINT of spiders i'm filling it w/ cement idgaf"
wow, this is the first time I'm writing an author's comment literal days in advance?? what is this witchcraft, having a page done so soon after the last one and also not instantly posting it out of excitement and lack of a schedule. SORCERY

and for once i'm not hungry, because i ate before finishing the page. improving my output one baby step at a time. and y'know, apropos of nothing, y'all should read Paranatural. it's good.
<img src="">

shamed lol

Updates from me are normally slow but they're particularly slow at the moment because of Big Illness™ in the family. Things are looking up though, so that's good!!
Helo, welcome to new site. It's not THE new site, I just kinda slapped it together over the last weekend. Turns out it was really easy to upload a backlog of 110 pages with the beta uploader that apparently only went into beta testing a week before I got here!! Nice. Though now the site thinks my comic updates in bulk, haha.

we'll see how long it thinks that.
Caught up!
Alright, all the pages are up in one place now %D fun times. Now I get to pick a day to go back and save them all at more reasonable sizes, lol... (im dying)

edit: jk i'm learning things
I made this page almost 2 years ago and only now that I'm reuploading it from a different monitor do i notice that this is why everyone seemed to think the weapon blades were yellow LOL man my layer settings were AGGRESSIVE