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March 27th, 2009

March 26th, 2009
im a stalker.
yes dudes AFI ref.
that's the only AFI song I actually like.
oho oho oho.


kay i'll shut up nao
sorry guys for being absent all this 2 months, I had some projects and I got really busy with them.
Just to announce that [Lobotomy] returns, twice as weird and twisted.

Hey guys!
Thanks a lot for following this comic, we're almost reaching the 200 fans ^ ^!

Sato is so amused that he is posing for you.
nop, it's 500 points for hitting them with a van. lol
' The only thing I want for this Christmas
is you to know what I want for Christmas'

thanks for the 100+ fans guys ;u;
and merry christmas
I hate to draw cars.
but brains are yummy.
he loves to state the obvious.
Silly Marion is silly
[: enjoy <33
I like slimy frog like monsters {:
Yeah hate me a lot! xD
But I've been REALLY busy all this months I haven't been able to do something for this, and I practically lost my interest on doing more SoL pages.
But magically I decided to keep on going with this little failing comic, and hopefully reach it's end.
I'm sorry for the guys that were waiting for it [ if there were any ].

In this second part, I don't promise I will improve my art, I just wanna give you the complete story.

I still don't know what the heck I'm gonna do, but hey! That's how I started SoL! plotless.

So if anybody has an idea or something please send me a private message and let me know about it ovo! thank you and byebye
I never said this comic was exclusively BL LOL
I said, it's COMING to the end.
It's not finished already LOL!
Hey guys
Long time no see.
Well yeah as Whiskers said, this comic is coming ot an end. ( finally )
I'm running out of ideas and I don't feel like drawing this anymore.
But I will finish it anyways.
I promised xD !

See ya (:
that looks like my house at last year's halloween party U:

: DD weee i'm lovin this comicc
x) sorry !
sorry for not updating!
I was in exams period!
and I didn't failed not even one ;D!
So I'm gonna start working on SoL now (: !
by the way! thanks for the 200+ fans <33
besides this is just a fancomic, the game that is based from is jet set radio