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M. Mitchell Marmel
The man, the myth, the moustache.
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    M. Mitchell Marmel
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I think we're gonna need a bigger can of Turtle Wax!
Pizza Rat, meanwhile, wants to know who's disturbing his meal.
Meh, that'll buff out.
The Phantom Rider* is going to have sharp words for them!

*For the uninitiated, a Philadelphia Daily News column about the local transit authority; not sure if they're still doing that.
The transit authority isn't gonna like this.
Redskins 27, Eagles 32. Nuff said.
Kitty is best evil smirker.
@Moealmighty: Bounty Killers are best waifus.
He don't know them vewwy well, do he? (evil grin)
Not always easy having Valkyrie blood.
Catalytic converter, but the kittehs still get them confused...
I recommend trying the end doors first.
I must say that, for a 13 year old, that's a remarkably well developed tushie. ;)
P@W! (as Batman would have put it)
Yanno, I get the impression she may be slightly miffed... ;^.^