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@Nextgener: I'm confused as to what you're getting at. Tina isn't implying sympathy for the beings that attacked her kingdom, she's having sympathy for the people she finds herself with now because she doesn't want to to do to them what the creatures did to her.

I think you're extrapolating more than is actually here. Tina just doesn't want to act like a villain, like she's seen other villains act in front of her.
@Nextgener: There's a difference between blowing up the enemy that is killing and terrorizing your people, and seeing them use force to get their way and emulating that on innocent people who have not harmed you.
So, my sister got two new Golden Retriever puppies recently, that she named Link and Zelda. And I've been tasked with helping raise them! Which is fun and rewarding, but also very taxing and heavy on my sleep schedule.

So I just quickly did a doodle to explain the lack of this page, and possibly what may delay future pages up until I can finish Chapter 3. We're about roughly 10 or more pages away from the end of the chapter 3, so here's hoping I can get there before the puppies are the end of me.
I really wanted to draw something for my characters for Halloween 2019, and once I thought of them dressing up as the characters from Code Vein, it brainwormed itself into my head until I drew it!

Absolutely adore this game, and though its not perfect, its a blast to play from beginning to end! I'm really looking forward to the future DLC, and really hope it does well enough to earn itself a sequel! I really think it deserves one!
@ben97: Aww, thank you!
@Nextgener: There are plenty of bus passes where you just swipe it over the scanner as opposed to putting it in the machine, though it depends on the bus and how much money is spent on public transportation.
@Nextgener: What Arcane said, there's a big difference in how food was raised and served compared to modern food that is basically condensing everything we love into its tastiest versions, as well as modern cooking methods and seasonings.
@Nextgener: Glasses!