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Just an amateur artist pursuing a passion project as a hobby. Hey - what are you doing on this profile? You could be reading my webcomic! ;)
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You say hello... I say goodbye!

I have to admit that I'm not always happy with how my compositions come out, but this one... I'm pretty happy with it, and I think that's a thing worth celebrating haha. It was a fun page to do!

Do you think Romy has sweat and blushed enough for the remainder of the chapter?
@WriterRaven: She wanted to be noticeable but not THAT noticeable!
Sometimes the universe hears your plea... but misinterprets your request.

Is that our old buddy on the phone again?
Oh, for sure!
Is it REALLY witchcraft, or is Echo just bluffing?
Romy was so mortified, she escaped the panel!

Regina always means well buuuut Romy doesn't really come from a background of financial stability and she's a little self conscious about that. She has definitely worn that same hoodie since high school (also, why does everyone keep calling it a sweater? IT'S A HOODIE!!).
Excuse me, Echo: But WHAT.
And in this universe, the ants are anthro sized too so that could be a serious problem!
Whoever invented the game probably couldn’t think of anything to base a game off of BUT cactuses! It’s all you can see stretching for miles in that desert!
I don't know how much Diet O is left in that can but I'm going to guess... not a lot.
@SilverLunarwing: Aside from the fact that I REALLY love Allister (I was wondering if we'd see him again!) I'm loving some of the panel structure here and the colour scheme/lighting going on in the last few pages.

I also really appreciate how your pokemon species are often so fitting for the characters' personalities. Eclipse foreseeing disaster in EVERYTHING is such an absol trait, I'd be laughing right there along with Allister. Love getting more of that sweet, sweet rune lore. I'm sure he'd have a lot of it to share with our young Nick.
Boone loves any game that permits him to hit someone with a cactus. Especially if Echo is that someone.

This is probably the most filler page of the chapter but it was one of those scenes in the earlier drafts I just couldn't let go. It kind of outlines Boone's one-sided rivalry with his coworker too. Just a nice chance to have them all interacting together, that's all.
@Mujaffa: Any job where you can wear sweatpants AND have a bean bag chair in the break room!
I've been doing a lot of sneaky things with numbers... but I think this one is my favourite so far.
Oh nice, we're finally getting all my personalit - I mean, characters - together in one room!
@WriterRaven: I only wish I could have half of Boone's energy at any given time.
@Mujaffa: It must!
Double page update this week! It's during a week of training for me at my job too so my schedule has gotten all messed up and I've essentially lost a day of work. Still doing a double page update. Why? Because I enjoy pain.

Eh, this page didn't come out as well as I'd hoped but you know what they say: The show must go on!
Somehow, we made it to 30 pages! And: I still have no idea what I'm doing.