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I enjoy staying up late, even though I'm supposed to sleep and I have either school or work the next day.
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1. Awesome animation!

2. This is getting more and more interesting! He's getting affected by things that others can't see!
Oh no... Is this what’s going to pass whatever’s going on with the androids to Connor?
Better store that information for later, lieutenant. 😏
What is Vinnie holding? Like, what are those glass shards of?

(Sorry. I'm trying to look at this first thing in the morning with no glasses on.)
Please tell me that something has been done to that donut as well! XD
Doctor Alida is here to take care of all of your booboos, whether they be visible or not.

Oh no! Why is Vinnie crying???
I have a bad feeling about this... :(
Rudolph... You may have gone too far there, buddy...
I’m so proud of Connor for that witty remark! 😆
September 27th, 2019
We can never really hide things rom kids, can we? XD
September 20th, 2019
Awww! Alina is so cute when she smiles! :D
I can usually wake up once I get out of bed and walk around a bit... Of course, this usually happens once I've fallen back asleep a few times. XD
Hank’s scarf is quite pretty.
September 13th, 2019
YES!!! I’ve been looking forward to this!!! 😁
I think that Connor does have a choice to not follow CyberLife's orders. I imagine that it's quite hard for him to, though, on account of him being brainwashed by CyberLife to listen to them along with often seeing Amanda.
August 28th, 2019
Aww! They’re holding hands! 😊
Uh... What's happening?
Awww! They look so cute in this!

I absolutely cannot wait for Chapter 3. I'm excited to see what happens to these boys next after how chapter 2 ended. :)
Awww! Connor looks so handsome!