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I enjoy staying up late, even though I'm supposed to sleep and I have either school or work the next day.
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I am totally the person in my friend group that sits off to the side on my laptop whenever we're hanging out.
Cole's sister is saying the important stuff that Cole needs to realize!

And I love it how the scarecrow just pops his head up. :D
I'm sorry. Is my baby boy... trying to seduce Hank?!
Yes!!! Drink up, baby boy! XD
I honestly kind of forgot that they broke up...
I'm interpreting Drew's words as that he possibly still has feelings for Ky, even if he doesn't directly say it. That gives me a little hope that they could get back together. :)
Well then... That's not what I was expecting...
I know a lot of people may react badly to Drew's reaction... but I can kind of understand it. I mean, it's like Rain explained before. Drew has been conditioned by the people around him to like girls and date girls, not boys or androgynous or genderfluid people. He is scared about how others will react and treat him about dating somebody that identifies as a boy.

I understand why people would be wary of the scarecrow but, at the same time, all he wants to do is make friends and be there for his famer.
I'm so happy that nobody else is home right now because I just let out the biggest squeal at this page!

My dogs are giving me weird looks now, though...
I'm just imagining that Connor is going to get whatever is going on with the other androids and Hank is going to do whatever it takes to make sure that Dr. Hill doesn't get his hands on Connor.
I understand why Drew would be hesitant to be seen with Ky in a tux but I really hope that he gets past that hesitance and has a fun night with Ky.
It didn’t even register in my mind that the Famer called him ‘that’ instead of ‘him. That makes me more sad! ;-;
I feel so bad for the scarecrow. He looks so sad that his famer doesn't want him around. :(
Well then... That went better than I expected, honestly.
Stuff like this makes you not complain about getting your nonessentials taken away as punishment.
Dang. He got a fine booty. XD
Connor has a good point. Therapy has never been used on androids before so it could be effective.
Dr. Hill wasn't able to provide Josh with the care that he needed... Why are we trusting him with androids?
I really hope that Drew will take this well. I sincerely want him and Ky to work out.
Kim... Choose your next words very carefully. >=(