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I've never seen something so stupid that made me laugh
It's gotten better this chapter
I've been gone for 5 weeks and this is what I see.
That night hmmmm.?🤔😮☺
Aw he wants a hug how cute😑😊
Hmmmm😞tell them already miss mollie
If ms mollie is flares mother im going to laghe so hard becuse i never knew that till know
Soler flare shall and will go berserk now!!☻
Is it slvia speedy talking about
Speedy punched himself in the cheek LOL😂
I never knew that speedy had a date at the age of 13 (☆3☆)
Hmm what an lazuli be doing in here room??🤔
Eevee like oooo what you say
I like to see solarflare somewere
RIP leafeon died😂